Tinnitist TV | Episode 36: Basia Bulat

The singer-songwriter on her musical (and real) garden, new motherhood & more.


You know what they say: If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing again — but with strings. OK, nobody really says that. But it does seem to be Basia Bulat‘s motto when it comes to her latest album.

For her sixth release The Garden, the singer-songwriter reimagines songs from her five previous records, incorporating stunning classical string-quartet arrangements by Owen Pallett, Paul Frith and Zou Zou Robidoux. The gorgeous results work on multiple levels, welcoming new listeners to the fold while allowing longtime fans the opportunity to hear and appreciate these songs in a whole new light. Either way, The Garden serves as a much-deserved celebration of a criminally underappreciated Canadian artist. A few weeks before the album arrived, Bulat Zoomed in to chat about her musical garden, her real one, being a new mom and plenty more. Enjoy. Then listen to The Garden and check out some videos below, and get more Basia Bulat at her website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Bandcamp.