Tinnitist TV | Episode 32: Marshall Crenshaw

The singer-songwriter talks about his rich past, present projects and future plans.


Nobody can call Marshall Crenshaw a one-trick pony.

Over the past 40 years, he’s had one of the most diverse and unpredictable careers in music. As a performer, he’s released 10 albums with hits like Someday, Someway, Cynical Girl and Whenever You’re On My Mind. As a songwriter, he’s penned singles for artists like Gin Blossoms and Kirsty MacColl. He’s portrayed Buddy Holly in La Bamba, John Lennon in Beatlemania, and appeared in movies like Peggy Sue Got Married and TV shows like Pete and Pete. He’s been nominated for Grammy and Golden Globe awards. He’s hosted a radio show. He’s written a book about rock in the movies. And he’s putting the finishing touches on a documentary about groundbreaking music producer Tom Wilson.

On top of all that, lately he’s been reissuing some of his classic albums — the latest being his 1999 release #447. It’s a relaxed, freewheeling disc that includes everything from classic pop to jazzy instrumentals. The new version also contains his first songs in several years. A few weeks before the return of #447, Crenshaw got on the Zoom to talk about the music of his youth, his current projects, what’s coming up and more. On a technical note, the audio on his end is a little shaky at times, but not so bad that it was worth stopping our chat. Enjoy. Then get more Marshall Crenshaw at his website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.