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Albums Of The Week: Bye Bye Tsunami | Bye Bye Tsunami

Say hello to some wild Danes whose EP splits the diff between jazz, punk & noise.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Bye Bye Tsunami are a group of sick individuals who thrive in uncertainty and find delight in the entropy of noise. The Copenhage trio employ disrupted rhythms, unique/self-built futuristic wind instruments, and heartbreaking cyborg screams to expand the musical language beyond their wildest horizons. Scavenging the distressing remnants of a future no one wished for, the band are redefining the new era of post-real.

The members first met in pre-pandemic era Copenhagen after being respectively active in the noise/experimental/jazz/metal scenes of Berlin, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam. Willing to realize their life dream of forming a dysfunctional boy band, in 2020 they finally give birth to Bye Bye Tsunami: Monsters giving birth to other monsters.

Bye Bye Tsunami immediately captured the attention of the public with their unique sound imprint — the compositions are based on the Flaubosax, a unique self-built futuristic wind instrument conceived by Lorenzo’s twisted mind. Generating new soundscapes with the use of a personal asymmetrical tonal system and interacting with complex powerful drum rhythms, they lead the music through disrupted absurd forms and post-industrial spiritual textures.

The aesthetic and video works, curated by fictional audiovisual artist Nathan L., merge meticulously in a truly visionary dystopian universe, which, despite its frenetic nature, possesses a paradoxical sense of poetic and emotional sensibility, raising highly relevant questions about the role of social media, advertisement, and gender in contemporary society.

Recorded in Copenhagen in September 2020, the debut EP Bye Bye Tsunami sees the core trio — Lorenzo Colocci (flute, flaubosax, electronic), Soren Hoy (drums) and Uldis Vitols (bass) — joined by guest vocalist Praytell. The record was mixed by Marco Colocci and completed with art by Nathan L.