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Albums Of The Week: Salo | From Melmac With Hate

Fierce riffs, yowling vocals, hammering drums & brutally relentless intensity — what more could you possibly want from a French power trio on their debut full-length?


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Salo are a trio coming from Lyon’s seedy underbelly: It’s the satisfying grime at the corner of the mouth and the blank stare that comes with an abundance of sleepless nights. Swaying between the lightning speed of high-class garage noise-rock and a visceral punk attitude, Salo lay down — not without class nor success — an important stepping stone in the haven of skin-deep music with their new album From Melmac With Hate. In the big game of influences, although perfectly assimilated, come to mind the flair of Thee Oh Sees, the aggressiveness of Metz and the pub-crawl swagger of The Fall.”