Thursday Mixtape (Side 1) | 97 Songs To Keep You Sharp


I know the days are getting longer. But I’ll be damned if they don’t seem to be getting shorter. Or at least way busier. Of course, all the interviews I’ve been doing lately might have something to do with that. But fear not: I didn’t shortchange you on today’s list of 97 new singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes and reissues — as always, there are tons of goodies you won’t find anywhere else. Today’s sharpest cuts (which includes all the items in this section) are tagged with an 🪓. Chop-chop:



1 | Plosivs | Broken Eyes

2 | The High Keys | A Little Too Heavy

3 | Riiver Brukes | It Ain’t Right

4 | Alto Arc | Bordello

5 | Bait | Drama Drama Drama Drama

6 | Vundabar | Alien Blues (ft. Indigo De Souza)

7 | Wet Leg | Material Girl

8 | Spiral Skies | While the Devil Is Asleep

9 | Miss Georgia Peach | The Back Side Of Dallas

10 | Åskväder | Let You Down