Shy Harry Do You Right

The Canadian rockers’ anthemic single is about taking ownership of your life.


Canadian rock band Shy Harry make their highly anticipated return with the brand new single Do You Right, out on all streaming platforms.

Returning to their ways of live-off-the-floor recording, Do You Right is an anthemic upbeat rock number about taking celebratory ownership of your life, ditching the pressures of society, and then reintroducing yourself to the world with a wholeness and fullness.

Speaking of the track, the band say, “When we were writing the track, we were thinking about how so many people shy away from sharing where they’re truly coming from, whether it be their story, their mental health obstacles, their fears of acceptance, or more. We want to encourage our fans to show up with their truest selves with full love, sharing strengths and weaknesses, owning life’s challenges or difficulties, and celebrating the journey. It’s a bit of a middle finger to parts of the past with some real excitement for the future!”

Shy Harry are a Canadian rock band made up of four veteran performing musicians from Southern Ontario with a passion for real musicianship and live-off-the-floor group work. Each member of the band is also a music instructor, teaching at E-Bolt Music. After releasing two albums of ‘groove rock’ work written over a couple years Shy Harry decided to create a brand new full on their rock ’n’ roll EP titled Another Year, with a focused and intentional sound, bigger and stronger than ever before.

The new EP was set to be released and celebrated through live shows in spring of 2020; however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Shy Harry were left to do an all-digital release, even cancelling their first U.S. tour. They are excited to get back to the stage and show off the new bigger and bolder Shy Harry.

Check out Do You Right above, hear more from Shy Harry below, and find them at their website, Instagram and Facebook.