PunkGoth Would Like To See You In The Back Room

The indie artists's latest track hits the bittersweet spot between a range of styles.


PunkGoth invites you to join him in the Back Room on his darkly flowing new single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Boasting an intriguing mix of sounds and styles, the unconventional track hits the bittersweet spot between a wealth of genres — everything from rap, hip-hop and R&B to pop and even indie-folk. The downtempo groove is soothing yet sinister, the melody is understated but memorable, the instrumentation is effective and stylish without being showoffy, and PunkGoth’s dusty, world-weary vocal puts the sour cherry on top of the whole sordidly solid affair.

The unorthodox approach is par for the course with the 25-year-old artist. “I do a LOT of different stuff I guess — more or less just whatever the vibe really is,” he says. “I’m not trying to be extra but more or less want to feel all the things I work with. My music is very underground inspired and fits into a ton of genres, but I’d call it like indie R&B and pop-rap!”

Formerly known as cryingfxr, PunkGoth is an independent artist who is widely influenced by the alternative-underground scene. A large portion of his music is dedicated to individuals who suffer with anxiety and depression, as a way to help embrace the feelings another person can have. He hopes to encapsulate his audience with the best abilities he can when performing. He claims to hail from Scum City, but based on his telephone area code, actually seem to hang out in Montana.

Check out Back Room above and below, and follow PunkGoth on Instagram.