Tinnitist TV | Episode 26: The Cutthroat Brothers

The Sweeney Todds of punk talk barbering, horror movies, Mike Watt & much more.


The Cutthroat Brothers are the real deal. Sort of.

OK, they’re not actually brothers. And they don’t literally slice people’s windpipes. But singer and slide guitarist Jason Cutthroat and drummer Donny Paycheck (formerly of notorious speed-punks Zeke) are both actual working barbers who know how to wield a straight razor. And as the so-called ‘Sweeney Todds of Punk’ — who sometimes perform in blood-soaked smocks — they also know what they’re doing on the musical front: Their latest album Devil In Berlin is a blast of deep, dark and dynamic blues-punk and garage-rock that routinely and rightly earns them comparison to The Cramps, The Gun Club, Nick Cave, X and The Stooges. That last one isn’t hurt by the fact that their studio lineup now includes former Stooges, Minutemen and Firehose bassist Mike Watt, who literally volunteered to record with them when they were on his podcast. As Watt clearly knows, these guys aren’t fooling around — Devil In Berlin, which was produced by the legendary Jack Endino, is their fourth studio album in as many years. Not bad for a band whose membership is divided between Washington and Hawaii, and who hadn’t played a note together before they hit the studio for the first time. Several weeks back, during a day off from recording their next release, they called up to talk about Watt, Endino, barbering, horror movies, whether they’re on the lookout for a great keyboard player with a podcast, and more. Enjoy. Then listen to Devil in Berlin and watch their videos below, and find out more at their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.