Thursday Mixtape (Side 5) | 77 Songs That Will Abduct You Like An Alien


I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the holidays. Don’t get me wrong; I’m no fan of Christmas. I just want the mayhem to stop for a week. Today was another one of those days when time just seemed to evaporate. I got out of bed, sat down to work … and the next thing I knew it was eight hours later and I had little to show for it besides a sore ass. You’d almost think I was abducted by little green men, except nothing that interesting ever happens to me. But here’s something interesting: 77 new singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes and unearthed oldies, including dozens you won’t find anywhere else. Today’s highest-flying platters are flagged with a 🛸. Take them to your leader:



52 | Clavish | Bad Influence

53 | Teeg | Use It

54 | Salty Brasi | Get Fed

55 | Ezra Collective | More Than A Hustler (ft. Novelist)

56 | Xefin, GRX MC & TheZed | White Horse

57 | Scruffs | Difference In Due Time / What’s In The Bag?


58 | Yaqi | I’m On It


59 | Hikaru Utada | Kimini Muchuu

60 | Anz | You Could Be (ft. George Riley)

61 | Theo Tams | One Last Chance


62 | St. Vincent | Pay Your Way In Pain (Idles Remix)

63+64 | Chrissy | The Postman Song (Remix) + Super Sharp Shooter (Remix)