Thursday Mixtape (Side 2) | 77 Songs That Will Abduct You Like An Alien


I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the holidays. Don’t get me wrong; I’m no fan of Christmas. I just want the mayhem to stop for a week. Today was another one of those days when time just seemed to evaporate. I got out of bed, sat down to work … and the next thing I knew it was eight hours later and I had little to show for it besides a sore ass. You’d almost think I was abducted by little green men, except nothing that interesting ever happens to me. But here’s something interesting: 77 new singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes and unearthed oldies, including dozens you won’t find anywhere else. Today’s highest-flying platters are flagged with a 🛸. Take them to your leader:



🛸 12 | Oliver Future | Phases Of the Moon

13 | Mildlife | Citations (Live From South Channel Island)

14 | Unwed Sailor | Blitz (Live at CommVess)

🛸 15 | Jacqie Rivera | Hurt

🛸 16 | Nicotine Dolls | Upset The Neighbors

17 | Katacombs | You Will Not

18 | A Very Special Episode | New Coke

19 | Chris Nine | Ghosts


20 | Simon and the Island | Lighthouse

21 | Federale | Sundown, Sundown

22 | Josienne Clarke | Driving at Night

🛸 23 | The Wombats | Everything I Love Is Going To Die

24 | Bebe Rainbow | Smash The Machine