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The Bangles | Everything Promo Poster & Banner

Not one but two mementoes from the paisley-patterned power-popsters' third LP.


The Go-Go’s have been getting a lot of love lately, and deservedly so. They were obviously groundbreakers. But I’d also like to see their underrated peers The Bangles get some props.

Like their L.A. predecessors, the paisley-patterned power-popsters of The Bangles also made three solidly enjoyable albums back in the ’80s. And they also delivered a handful of chart-topping singles, including Manic Monday, Eternal Flame and the inescapable novelty number Walk Like An Egyptian. Granted, most of their hits were written by other people (most notably Prince, who penned Manic Monday under the pseudonym Christoper). But for my money, a lot of their original songs — listen to Hero Takes A Fall below and tell me that’s not a hit — are just as good. And having seen The Bangles live at their ’80s peak (I still have the tie-dyed T-shirt to prove it), I can attest to the fact that they were all great singers and musicians. Anyway, here’s hoping they get their due sometime. If you agree with me, perhaps you’d like to own this promo poster and accompanying banner for their third album Everything, which included the songs Eternal Flame and In Your Room. Email me if you want to buy them to put in your own room.