Laszlo Jones Rides The Highway To Heaven In Save My Soul

'Is there a God or is it a lie?' the Beirut rocker asks on his latest single and video.


Laszlo Jones is on the road to redemption (or not) in his latest single and video Save My Soul — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“Is there a God, or is it a lie?” the indie-rock the multi-instrumentalist, arranger, and producer asks. “Do we have a soul? Can it be saved? Is there any redemption? It’s a pretty self-explanatory track. Many people live according to the rules given to us by our religion; many have their whole lives dedicated to it, love for it, hate for it, kill for it, die for it …”

Save My Soul is the latest offering from Jones’ hallucinatory, explorative, and deeply personal new EP Beyond The Door, and comes in the wake of previous single Out Of My Head — a song that roams the darker side of romance with harrowing tale of a love so potent it becomes dangerous.

Surrounding those sees tracks like In The Morning, From Above and Kill Myself arrive on the five-track offering. The latter “is a song about the general lack of well-being and depression — leading to self-hate and self-destruction, which then can lead to games with death — that is endured by many people,” Jones shares. By contrast, In The Morning describes the contrast between the atrocities of a night of modern warfare, and the calm and gentleness of a morning with a rising sun and light breeze. The most personal song on the release, From Above was penned as a message to Jones’ two daughters as a legacy-meets-letter piece in the event of his untimely passing.

A composer in his own right, Jones’ meticulous attention to musical detail shapes the new EP with the collaborative effort of his friend, multi-instrumentalist and producer Michael Buyens (The Gathering, Life Of Agony). From there, Jones assembled an all-star cast of accomplished musicians in Paris to record the five tracks that would comprise the release. Argentinian arranger Marcos Barilari guides the eclectic sounds of the new EP to life through the expert musicianship of drummer Ralph Sammins (ABBA, Quincy Jones), pianist Michael Arrom (Steve Vai) and Canadian producer/songwriter Kane Churko (5 Finger Death Punch, Ozzy Osbourne) who mixed at renowned Las Vegas recording studio The Hideout.

Jones’ artistic fearlessness originates from his native Beirut, where the expatriation of his parents led him on a path that prioritizes personal discovery and adventure. This freedom of expression encouraged Jones to pursue varied opportunities to play in bands across multiple genres in practically every country he’s called home. Jones’ avant-garde approach to his craft allows the listener to experience a uniquely international influence unbound by the conventions of rock music.

Watch Save My Soul above, listen to Beyond The Door below, and follow Laszlo Jones on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.