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Next Week in Music | Nov. 29 – Dec. 5 • The Long List: 380+ Releases On The Way

All the music headed for your playlist in the coming days — and then some!

Today is Berry Gordy’s 92nd birthday, so if you need an excuse to spend the day listening to Motown classics, that’s as good as any. Of course, you could also spin some Randy Newman (who turns 78), Soundgarden or Pearl Jam (drummer Matt Cameron is 59). Either way, while you’re listening, you might as well wade through next week’s lineup of new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks and vinyl reissues.



ABBA | Little Things Single
Acidgvrl | Intoxication
Acid Tongue | Arboretum
Carleigh Aikins | Junk Jewelry
Airbag | A Day In The Studio/Unplugged
All Bite | Get Well Soon EP
Ambient Warrior | Dub Journey’s
DJ Amir, Re.decay, DJ Dez Andrez, Amp Fiddler | Street Rap / Salsa EP
Greg Amirault | News Blues
Emilia Anastazja | Flower House EP
Ancient Settlers | Into The Depths / Ride
Sam Anning | Oaatchapai
Anything Bagel | Overwhelmed
Ichiko Aoba | Windswept Adan
Aquilus | Bellum I
Arca | KicK ii
Arca | KicK iii
Arca | KicK iiii
Arrested Development | For The FKN Love
Ataque Zero | Ataque Zero
Atræ Bilis | Apexapien
Aunt Sally | Aunt Sally
Baby Birds | From Homage to Slaughter
Aisha Badru | The Way Back Home EP
Bashford | Greener Grasses
Joshua Bassett | Crisis / Secret / Set Me Free
Hadi Bastani | Cold Hour
Mario Batkovic | Introspectio
BBJR + SLW | Discount Sacrifice At The Altar Of Bargains
Mario Batkovic | Introspectio
Beans On Toast | Survival Of The Friendliest
Beauty Pill | Instant Night EP
Berner | Gotti
Atræ Bilis | Apexapien
Bixiga 70 | Bixiga 70 Reissue
Mischa Blanos | Steppe
Mike Block | Planispheres
Blue Rodeo | Many A Mile
Jason Boland & The Stragglers | The Light Saw Me
Cayn Borthwick | Big City Remixes EP
Boss | Cash ‘Em In
The Browning | End Of Existence
Bo Burnham | Inside (The Songs) Vinyl
Can | Live In Brighton 1975
Doug Carn | Adam’s Apple Reissue
Laura-Mary Carter | Town Called Nothing
Caso | Blu /Aranciata Amara
Eva Cassidy | Live At Blues Alley 25th Anniversary Edition
Chaos Emeralds | Crawling From The Wreckage
Chastity Belt | Fake
Solomon Childs | Red Heroin: RedMix
Jordan Christoff | All Black & Echo
Quinn Christopherson | I Am Bubblegum EP
Chrome Sparks & Reo Cragun | Void EP
Cignature | Dear Diary Moment
Civic | Future Forecast
Closet Disco Queen | Stadium Rock for Punk Bums EP
Bruce Cockburn | Greatest Hits (1970-2020)
Cold Collective | Weathervane
The Communards | Communards 35th Anniversary Edition
Compact Beach | Nowhere Feels Like Home
Jesse Cook | Libre
Corroded Spiral | Ancient Nocturnal Summoning
Sylvie Courvoisier & Mary Halvorson | Searching For The Disappeared Hour
Dylan Cox | A Place To Meet
The Coyote | Bad Killer EP
Sheryl Crow | Live At the Capitol Theatre: 2017 Be Myself Tour
Crown Lands | Odyssey Volume 1
Cutterred Flesh | Sharing Is Caring
Czarina | Medusa Single
Kelly Dance | The Yips
Darkestrah | Chong Aryk
Ram Dass | And Now He Has Wings
Dead Katz | Lost Amongst The Noise Of The Earth
Dead Space Chamber Music | The Black Hours
Dead War | Grandfather Of War EP
Deep Throat Choir | In Order To Know You
Delawness | London Emerald
Demonstealer | The Holocene Termination
Depeche Mode | 101 Deluxe Edition
D£uc£ | Eurostar EP
The Diasonics | Gurami / Gradients
Dillom | Post Mortem
Doodswens | Lichtvrees
The Doors | L.A. Woman 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Nick Dorian | Rooster EP
Dormant Ordeal | The Grand Scheme Of Things
DRE Colombian Raw | Parte II
Cian Ducrot | Make Believe EP
Baxter Dury | Mr Maserati 2001 to 2021
Delroy Edwards | Change the World
Eera | Speak
Kings Elliot | Chaos In My Court EP
Elujay | CRKMVNT
The New Emphatic | Radiance of the Stars
Enst | Vier Gesichter EP
Epica | Omega Alive
Erdling | Helheim
Sertab Erener | Who’s Gonna End
Enrte | Geist Und Hexeri
Ethanol | Mirror Stage
Everglow | Return Of The Girl
Eyes Set to Kill | Damna EP
Failure | Wild Type Droid
Brent Faiyaz | Wasteland
Fear Of Falling | Turning Point
Feiertag | Living In Slow
Feral Vices | With Offerings EP
FFT | Disturb Roqe EP
Firehouse | The Story of Italian A.O.R. Band 1987/1994
Abraham Fogg | Blåkulla
The Forgotten | Chapter 1: The Forgotten
Robin Fox | Threnody To Now
Nils Frahm | Old Friends New Friends
Anders Fridén| Offair: Lullabies for the Damned
Fruit Juice | Mirke vs. The Dreamy LLC
Full Bush | Movie Night
Funkky ft. Mavhungu | Mitodzi (Includes Jimpster Remix) EP
Kenny G | New Standards
Polo G | Hall of Fame 2.0
Andrew Gabbard | Homemade
Gabriels | Bloodline EP
Jerry Garcia Band | Jerry Garcia Band Vinyl Reissue
Gas | Der Lange Marsch
Marvin Gaye | What’s Going On 50th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Geese | Projector Vinyl
G’emma | Types of Water EP
Genocide Pact | Genocide Pact
Godford | I You She
Gomorran | Excerpts From The Dark Age
Paul Grant | Reflections
Green Carnation | The Acoustic Verses 15th Anniversary Edition
Matthew Halsall | Salute to the Sun – Live at Hallé St. Peter’s
Hamburg Spinners | Der Magische Kraken
Hanson | Against the World
DJ Harrison | Tales from the Old Dominion
Atsuko Hatano & Midori Hirano | Water Ladder
Eddie Hazel | Game, Dames and Guitar Thangs Reissue
Heiress | Distant Fires
Natalie Hemby | Pins and Needles Vinyl
Heratius | Gwendolyne / Les Boniments
Hesitation | The Last Christmas
The Hollywood Stars | Live On The Sunset Strip
Horizon | Magic Music: The Story Of Horizon – San Antonio, TX 1977-84
Horns | Horns
Husqwarnah | Front Toward Enemy
Hypno5e | A Distant Dark Source Experience
In A Daydream | This Side Of Purgatory
Interplanetary Criminal | Ruff EP
Iscuron | The Pursuit Of Unhappiness
Issun1 | Jingle Bell Rock: The Album
Milton Jackson | House Arrest EP
Jerman / Barnes | Hiss Lift
JLS | 2.0
C Joynes | Poor Boy On The Wire
Junkbreed | Music For Cool Kids
Kai | Peaches
Kavrila | Mor
Andrea Keller / Wave Riders | Systems Over​-​Ride
Keno | Out Past The Current
Jacqueline Kerrod | 17 Days in December
Eli Keszler | The Scary of Sixty​-​First Soundtrack
Ketsumeishi ケツメイシ | Ketsunopolis12
Calvin Keys | Proceed with Caution Reissue
Khalid | Scenic Drive
Josh Kimbrough | Slither, Soar & Disappear
King Buffalo | Acheron
Kirinji | Crepuscular
Kissbaba & Txy808 | Pachanga
Kottonmouth Kings | Cloud Nine Reissue
Kramer | And The Wind Blew It All Away
Kurious & Ro Data | Koncrete Jungle
Don Laka | Why Can’t We Live Together EP
Tory Lanez | Alone At Prom
Late Night Thoughts | Bridges & Tunnels
Kenny Lattimore | Here To Stay
La Zarra | Traîtrise
Joëlle Léandre | At Souillac en Jazz
Lecrae & 1K Phew | No Church In A While
Leisure | Sunsetter
Leiva | Cuando Te Muerdes el Labio
Pepper Lewis | She Told Me To Sing My Heart Out EP
Like Pacific | Control My Sanity
Lil Z | A Lil Z Christmas
Julian Littman | Goblin Market Music
LKN | Naiv
Dusty Locane | Untamed
Lock Up | The Dregs Of Hades
Trini Lopez | The Rare Reprise Singles
Lord Alfred | The Lord Cometh The ‘Horde Goeth
The Lottery Winners | Something To Leave The House For
Love Object | New Flesh
LP | Churches
Lucero | Live From Red Rocks
Nick Luciano | Used 2
Luttrell | Music For My Memories
MadeinTYO & UnoTheActivist | Yokohama
Magon | In The Blue
Malacoda | The Year Walk EP
Man-Eaters | Twelve More Observations on Healthy Living
Manimal | Armageddon
Juçara Marçal | Delta Estácio Blues
Tony Martin | Thorns
Massage | Lane Lines EP
Mary Mazzacane | The Art of Mary Mazzacane
James McVinnie | Counterpoint
Megadeth | One Night In Buenos Aires
Sam Mehran | Cold Brew
MGK666 | Induatria M6
Mildlife | Live from South Channel Island
Milan Ring | I’m Feeling Hopeful
Lior Milliger Free Improv Trio ft. Hilliard Greene & Joe Hertenstein | Your Comfort Zone Will Kill You
Misia | Hello Love
Mr. Bird | Martian Arts
Modern Nature | Island Of Noise Vinyl
Modder | Modder
Estrella Morente | Leo
Mol$ | Plastic
Moonspell | Darkness And Hope
Tom Morello | The Atlas Underground Flood
Morgen | Unaccompanied Minor EP
Morgenstern | Faust’s Choice, Pt​. ​I
The Mother Hips | Glowing Lantern
Motohiro Nakashima | Gathering The Light
My Morning Jacket | Live 2015
Mythrodak | Imperfect Muse
Nekromant | Temple Of Haal
New Found Glory | December’s Here
The Nightingales | King Rocker Soundtrack
Night Shop | Forever Night
Ninho | Jefe
Nisa | Time To Plant Tears EP
NLE Choppa | Me vs. Me EP
No Bragging Rights | No Bragging Rights EP
Noir Disco | NOW! 2073
No Rome | It’s All Smiles
Pavel K. Novalis | K Wave
Ofermod | Mysterium Iniquitatis
Of Mice & Men | Echo
1K Phew & Lecrae | No Church In A While
ONF | Goosebumps
William Orbit | Starbeam EP
Overkill | The Atlantic Yeaers 1986-1994
Marissa Paternoster | Peace Meter
Pearly Gate Music | Mainly Gestalt Pornography
Kim Petras | Coconuts
Pick A Piper | Sea Steps EP
Plastic Woods | Dragonfruit
Pleasance House | Digging Strawberry Ditches
Princess Diana Of Wales | Princess Diana Of Wales
Professor Tip Top | Lanes of Time
Psy:Code | Psy:Code
Push Baby | Lose It! Lose It!
Qlowski | A Woman And Beyond
Raccoon Tour | The Dentonweaver
Rage Of Light | Redemption
Raibard | Dark Realm of the Daylight
Josh Ramsay | Lady Mine
Rebreather | The Line, Its Width, and the War Drone
Redemptor | Agonia
Reiko And Tori Kudo | Tangerine
Rejekts | Adamo
Lou Ridley | Angel/Outlaw EP
Rid Of Me | Traveling
The Ritualists | Baroque & Bleeding
Rival Consoles | Overflow
Rostam | Changephobia Pt. II EP
RT Projects / Shunyata Improvisation Group / Posset | Pivot Moments 2
Darren Ryan | Lexical Variation
Sahala | Nectar EP
Salt House | Working for Zeus EP
Samia | Before The Baby
Sanctuary | Sanctuary Vol. 1 EP & Vol. 2 EP
The Scaramanga Six | Worthless Music
Sell Yourself Short | The Lowest Standard EP
Senior Citizen X Tim Walker | What Was That
Bola Sete | Samba in Seattle: Live at the Penthouse, 1966-1968
The Shape | In The Age of Doom and Fear
Blake Shelton | Body Language Deluxe
Mike Shinoda | Ziggurats
Nina Simone | Nina Simone and Her Friends Reissue
Sinnway | Perelline
Skat Injector | Bled Under A Burning Sky
Skid Row | The Atlantic Years 1989-1996
Sky H1 | Azure
Slack Key Ohana | Slack Key Ohana
Slow Meadow | Upstream Dream
Jaah SLT | One Year Later
Sly & The Family Stone | There’s a Riot Goin’ On Vinyl Reissue
Dr. Lonnie Smith | Breath Vinyl
So Hideous | None But a Pure Heart Can Sing
Georg Solti | Solti In London: The Orchestral Recordings
Sons Of The Sun | Sons Of The Sun
Soul Mass Transit System | All I Need EP
The Spacelords | Unknown Species
Spare Snare | Live at the Third Man Records Booth
Static Dress | Prologue…
Mike Storm | The Symposium
Stray Kids | Christmas EveL
Stuck | Remixes That Make You Feel Good
Styles P & Havoc | Wreckage Manner
Sugarplum Fairies | Altar Songs 1998-2021
Suma | Ashes Reissue
Suma | The Order Of Things Reissue
The Sun and the Mirror and Pseudodoxia | The Eerie and Radiant Doorless Rooms Of Pain
The Swaggerlies | The Last of The One and Onlys
Taos | Reflection
The Teskey Brothers & Orchestra Victoria | Live At Hamer Hall
Texas King | Changes EP
Theoreme | Les Artisans
Third Son | Your Face As Art EP
B.J. Thomas | In Remembrance: Love Songs & Lost Treasures
Tired Cossack | Hocus Pocus
Tokyo Cigar | The Megaman Theory 5: From the Stoop to the Stupa
Tomorrow x Together | Chaotic Wonderland EP
Touch & Moves | 1984
Touched by Ghoul | Cancel The World
Joey Trap | Dr. Trap
Penelope Trappes | Mother’s Blood Edition
Travis | The Invisible Band 20th Anniversary
Treetop Flyers | Old Habits
Tali Trow & Nigel Thomas | Minced Pie
The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show | Going Nowhere Fast
Jasper Tygner & Joe Hertz | Theory I EP
U.K. Subs | A Punk Rock Anthology 1978-2017
Unanimated | Victory In Blood
Uncle Skeleton | Golden Hour
Under The Church | Total Burial
United Disco Organisation | Send The Rain / Funky Thing
Vacuum | Vacuum
Various Artists | Back From the Canigó Vol. 2: Country Punks & City Rockers Perpignan 1999​-​2010
Various Artists | Back In Black Redux
Various Artists | Best of AC/DC Redux
Various Artists | Cinnamon Girl: Women Artists Cover Neil Young For Charity
Various Artists | Essiebons Special 1973-1984
Various Artists | FPE Records: FPEXL
Various Artists | Jagjagwuar: Sentimental Noise 1996-2021
Various Artists | JID010: Jazz Is Dead Remixes
Various Artists | Heavenly Remixes 1
Various Artists | Heavenly Remixes 2
Various Artists | The Matrix Soundtrack Vinyl Reissue
Various Artists | Philadelphia International Records: Dimitri from Paris Remixes
Various Artists | Philadelphia International Records: John Morales M+M Remixes
Various Artists | Vanilla Sky Soundtrack Vinyl Reissue
Aaron Ray Vaughan | Sparks
Kiim Venus | Fantasia
Víz | Veils
Volbeat | Servant of the Mind
Christian Wallumrød | Speaksome
The Waterboys | The Magnificent Seven
The Waterboys | Room To Roam Reissue
Wajatta | Do You Even Care Anymore?
Doc Watson | Life’s Work: A Retrospective
Weedpecker | IV: The Stream Of Forgotten Thoughts
Weezle | No. 2
Weiland | Blaming Myself
Paul Weller | An Orchestrated Songbook
Kanye West | Believe What I Say
Kanye West | Off The Grid
Wild Wes | Space Station Discoveries: Before The Eclipse
Jamire Williams | But Only After You Have Suffered
Kathryn Williams & Carol Ann Duffy | Midnight Chorus
Mars Williams | Presents An Ayler Xmas Vol. 5
Rozz Williams | In His Own Words: Christian Death & Beyond
Mary Wilson | The Motown Anthology
Winter Grain | Hollywood & Hard
Wolftooth | Blood & Iron
Woolfy | Shooting Stars EP
The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die | Illusory Walls Vinyl
Wreckage Manner | Wreckage Manner
Wreck-Defy | The World Enslaved
WurtS | Once Upon A Revival
Anna Wydra | The Absurdity Of Being
Xqui | Twenties
Xqui | Twenties (Remixed)
Ye Banished Privateers | A Pirate Stole My Christmas
Young Empress | Lost Time
You Said Strange | Thousand Shadows Vol​.​1
Your Old Droog | Meteor Man
Youth Lagoon | The Year Of Hibernation 10th Anniversary Edition
Takeuchi Yuito | XX
Yung Beef | Gangster Original

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