Christee Palace Loses It In Jekyll & Hyde Me

An anxiety attack inspired the Canadian alt-popster's contagious new single.

Canadian alt-pop singer-songwriter Christee Palace shares her contagious new single Jekyll & Hyde Me, out now on all streaming platforms — with a music video that is reminiscent of early 2000 rock videos.

The track is a take on the infamous story of Jekyll & Hyde, using it as a metaphor to shine a much-needed light on people suffering with mental health. Having suffered from anxiety herself, Christee was able to channel this into her songwriting in the hopes of helping others through her music.

Speaking of the track, Christee says, “I want people who listen to this song to know that it is completely okay to be confused about where you’re at in your life. It’s okay to be uncertain, scared, and anxious. Remember that through all of these “back and forths”, you have people in your life that love you. Your life has meaning. And honestly, if you’re frustrated with yourself, just listen to this song and rock out for a while. I think you’ll feel better, haha!

I wrote this song one day when I was having an anxiety attack. I was thinking to myself: “I was happy yesterday, what the hell is wrong with me? How can I go from one extreme to the other in a matter of a day?” That tends to happen to me a lot. I can feel so great about myself some days and then something can just completely shatter it out of nowhere. I wanted to write a song for myself and for my fans that explains those moments when you really don’t even know who you’re going to be that day. I have realised through a lot of self reflection and research that there are many people who struggle with anxiety and are hard on themselves. I just wanted a place for people to come when they are feeling like that, to know they’re not alone.”

Coming from a huge family of musicians, Christee has always been surrounded by music growing up. Her father Pete Palazzolo, a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer, and teacher, is a seasoned veteran in the music industry, having taught thousands of musicians across Canada. From being an international major label artist, to opening a music conservatory, his skill set and experience influenced and instilled the love of music in Christee starting at age 4. Her family is well known for their musical ability in her home town of Windsor, Ontario – something she proudly shares with all who meet her.

Christee got her start achieving local and Canada wide success with her first EP Alive Today and two followup singles — her songs Out of Time and Light It Up both charted in Canada’s Most Active Indies chart in their first few weeks on radio. This drove her to pursue music on a larger scale, relocating to Toronto. Her first single Harden My Heart is approaching 123,000 streams and attracting over 10,000 monthly listeners worldwide, with the music video amassing over 114,000 views. Her second single Love Me in the Dark debuted on Global TV’s morning show and is now approaching 154,000 streams.

Christee was awarded the opportunity to open for the Indie Awards at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto in 2019 for winning the Jim Beam National Talent Search, in which she received an Indie Award. Christee’s EP Harden My Heart captures the essence of heartbreak in its many forms. Christee’s song Wrong to Say Goodbye was featured on New Music Friday Canada, New Music Now, and It’s a Bop on Spotify. Christee’s charisma and polished live show gained her many performing opportunities to open for artists such as Sean Kingston, and most recently, Walk Off The Earth.

Naming Olivia Rodrigo, Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne as her biggest inspirations, Christee thrives on being able to experiment with her music and the different feelings and emotions she’s able to portray through her lyrics. Drawing from her combined influences, she totally owns her own brand of bold, gutsy alt-pop.

Watch Jekyll & Hyde Me above, listen to the track below, and follow Christee Palace on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.