Girl Pow-R Reintroduce Themselves With This Is Us Remix

The pop squad upgrade their latest album with new production & electronics.

Girl Pow-R pump up the volume with a supercharged new remix of their hit single This Is Us — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Their latest album This Is Us is back with a fresh take, and an even fresher electronica sound. This Is Us (Remix & Remix Instrumentals) features six songs — including its title cut, plus fan favourites like Never Let Go, Fun All Day and more — all reimagined with new production and instrumental versions.

“We love the energy the songs provide to us and our fans, and how these songs give everyone a way to get up and celebrate life!” Girl Pow-R say. “We also enjoyed mixing things up a bit by creating new vocal recordings with new solo opportunities and small groups within Girl Pow-R, such as GPR, The Squad and The Club — each focusing on two songs in the remix album. The universal things that join us together are dynamic skill sets, and a shared mission of empowerment for young women in the world today.”

Not simply vocalists, Girl Pow-R — featuring Carina Bianchini, Cindy Kofman, Emma Bown, and Aashika Reddy — are also dancers who perform as a band with instruments. Their ability to relate to their audience through both their songs and their visuals has made them a hit with fans.

They aren’t the only ones taking notice: Girl Pow-R are recognized for their work in their home country and around the world. Most recently, the group were nominated for Children’s Album of the Year at the 2020 Junos. This Is Us debuted at No. 2 on streaming charts. And just last month the group had a phenomenal response in the U.S. radio market, rising to No. 49.

As Girl Pow-R continue their journey, they continue to change, reinvent themselves and reimagine their place in the music world. Their songs reflect their dedication to evolution in their sound, while remaining pure in their mission to raise up others and spread positivity — all directly reflected in their album This Is Us and its remix release.

“To help inspire some positive vibes after this difficult time of the pandemic, we decided to create some remixes of our songs that are dance tunes, with strong influences from trap,” they say. “We’re excited to share this new album of both the six remix original songs, and the six instrumental versions of the remix songs!”

Listen to This Is Us (Melshi Remix) above, hear the rest of the This Is Us (Remix & Remix Instrumentals) album below, and find Girl Pow-R at their website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

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