Tinnitist TV | Episode 18: Steve Conte

The hard-working guitarist on his latest solo album, his years with the Dolls & more.


Steve Conte is a bit like the Roy Kent of rock ’n’ roll — he’s here, he’s there, he’s everyf-ingwhere.

You probably know him as the guitarist for the last incarnation of The New York Dolls. But that’s just one of his many gigs. He also plays with former Hanoi Rocks frontman Michael Monroe and rockabilly legend Robert Gordon, and he has created music for the anime smash Cowboy Bebop. Over the decades, he has toured or recorded with everyone from Billy Squier and Peter Wolf to Willie Deville, Maceo Parker and Chuck Berry. He even spent a decade as Paul Simon’s vocal stand-in at rehearsals. Basically, Conte has been there and done that. Right now, he’s doing it for himself with his latest solo release Bronx Cheer. It’s an album that’s almost as diverse as his career — it has old-school New York punk, Rolling Stones-inspired rock, scrappy nuggets that sound like Paul Westerberg, psychedelia, rockabilly and even classic Stax-style soul. In a freewheelingn hourn-long interview from his home in, yes, The Bronx — and on his birthday, no less — Conte discussed his new album, his incredible career and more. Read more about Steve Conte and Bronx Cheer HERE, and try to keep up with him at his website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.