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Albums Of The Week: Houndmouth | Good For You

The Indiana roots trio are older and wiser on their intimate fourth studio release.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Slowly brought to life in Houndmouth’s longtime Indiana headquarters The Green House a 19th-century shotgun-style residence decked out in gold wallpaper and crystal chandeliers that used to belong to Cody’s grandparents — Good For You is the fourth full-length release from vocalist/guitarist Matthew Myers, drummer/vocalist Shane Cody, and bassist/vocalist Zak Appleby. Recorded with Brad Cook (Waxahatchee, Hiss Golden Messenger) and mixed by Jon Ashley (The War On Drugs, B.J. Barham), Good For You marks a return to what Houndmouth do best: Shaggy, swinging, big-screen storytelling set to a rustic, home-recorded sound.

Houndmouth enfold entire novels within their lyrics: Over the course of Good For You’s 10 tracks, a motley cast of characters race through scenes saturated with magic. From beauty queens and Cinderella’s limousine in Cool Jam, to vampires and parking-lot lovers in Ride or Die, Houndmouth whimsically capture the ache of stagnant love affairs and the fleeting joys of aging with a surrealist flair.

But atop Good For You’s melancholy motifs lies a wealth of dulcet melodies that waltz sweetly across beds of celestial organs and grungy guitar riffs. These songs sparkle, fade, and sparkle again, mixing jaded wisdom with hopeful harmonies. “This album felt like being back in time again, only now everything is a little more dialed-back and cared-for,” says Cody. “It was like a return to the way we fell in love with playing music together.” Good For You tenderly tones down the youthful abandon of the band’s early days, imbuing their earthen and imaginative folk with distinctive, finespun balladry.”