Tinnitist TV | Episode 15: Boy Golden

The Winnipeg singer-songwriter on wearing a mask, Trojan horses & staying crispy.


Boy Golden is a real character. In more ways than one.

First and foremost, he’s the musical alter ego of Winnipeg singer-songwriter Liam Duncan, formerly of the band The Middle Coast. But Boy Golden is more than just a stage name; he’s an extension of Duncan’s personality that has expanded into something of a full-bodied entity on his own. Somewhere between a preacher, a teacher and a self-help guru, Boy Golden is the founder, leader, minister and principal songwriter of his own Church Of Better Daze, a weed-centric collective that espouses Duncan’s philosophies on life, work, spirituality, common goals and collaboration — all delivered through a haze of cannabis with some KD and lunch meat on the side. You can hear it in Boy Golden‘s recent debut album, the fittingly titled Church Of Better Daze, a breezy roots-pop disc that worships at the altar of fellow mellow artists like JJ Cale. But don’t think for a second that Duncan is just some lazy doper; he’s already hard at work on his next album. While holed up in a cabin writing and recording, he took a break to talk about his relationship with Boy Golden, the Trojan horses hidden in his music, and how to stay crispy. Read more about Boy Golden and Church Of Better Daze HERE, and listen to the album and watch his videos below, and show your faith at his website, Instagram and Facebook.