Thursday Mixtape (Side 3) | 118 Songs You Need In Your Life


Story of the day: John Hinckley Jr. — yes, the nutjob who shot then-President Ronald Reagan in 1981 to impress Jodie Foster — claims he’s owed royalties for ‘co-writing’ a song on Devo‘s 1982 album Oh No, It’s Devo. The band — who actually used some of Hinckley’s poetry in one tune, with both his and Foster’s permission — say “it’s possible he’s not lying,” but they have no involvement with that end of their business, it wouldn’t be much money anyway, and if he got stiffed, it’s not their fault. My advice: Send him a cheque anyway — just to stay on his good side. Anyway, far as I know, not a single one of today’s 118 new singles, videos, remixes and cover tunes was co-written by a would-be assassin. But they’re still killers in their own right. Today’s strongest cuts have been tagged with a 💪. Feel the burn:



💪 32 | The Mellons | So Much to Say

33 | World Brain | Always On The Line

34 | Touching | All I Need

35 | Sorry Ghost | Swept Up

36 | Logan Lynn | Here’s To Us

37 | Hugo Joyce | Nervous

38 | Die Zimmermänner | Wo bleibt da die Lebensqualität?


💪 39 | Grateful Dead | Space / Fire On The Mountain (New York, NY 10/31/80)

40 | The Who | Naked Eye (Charlton Athletic Football Ground, 1974)

41 | Warren Zevon | Werewolves of London

42 | Billy Joel | New York State of Mind (Live at the Great American Music Hall 1975)