Tinnitist TV | Episode 8: David Gogo

The Canadian blues veteran talks Juno disqualifications, mining helmets & more.


If you live in Canada and love the blues, you already know who David Gogo is. Or at least you should. After all, he’s been around long enough.

He released his first album back in 1994, and since then, he’s been a mainstay of the Canadian blues scene. He just issued his 16th release Silver Cup, an acoustic disc he made at his Nanaimo home with old pal and collaborator Steve Marriner. Over the decades, the Nanaimo singer and guitar slinger has also earned a slew of awards, been nominated for plenty more, and rubbed shoulders with a host of musical icons and heroes. We recently spoke about Silver Cup, collecting mining helmets, being disqualified for a Juno award and much more. Enjoy.