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Next Week in Music | Oct. 4-10 • The Long List: 375 Releases On The Way

All the music heading for your playlist in the coming days — and then some.

Welcome to Rocktober. Get in the mood by checking out these 375-plus new EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks and vinyl reissues. Here’s the full list:



Aaliyah | I Care 4 U Reissue
Aaliyah | Ultimate Aaliyah Reissue
Aespa | Savage
The Alchemist | This Thing of Ours Vol. 2
Alda | A Distant Fire
Alice TM | Little Body In Orbit
Alkuharmonian Kantaja | Shadowy Peripherals
Almanac | Sarrinho Remixes
Jax Anderson | Songs For Every Condition
Antichrist Siege Machine | Purifying Blade
Anunnaki | Martyr Of Alexandria
Aqours | Love Live! Sunshine!! Chronicle 2018-2020
Arcline | Laugh Now Fry Later
Arktik Lake | Shimmer EP (ft. Marty Willson-Piper)
Nick Arneson | Sunshine Guaranteed
Astræa | Looking Up EP
Astral Swans | Astral Swans
Atmosphere | Word?
Atræ Bilis | Apexapien
Avawaves | Chrysalis
Susana Baca ||Palabras Urgentes
BadBadNotGood | Talk Memory
Bahamas | Live to Tape, Volume I EP
BandGang Lonnie Bands | Hard 2 Kill
Naomi Banks | The Mixtape by Naomi Banks
Banoffee | Teartracks
Baracutanga | Volver Atrás
Bardo Pond | Amanita
Marc E. Bassy | Little Men
Battle Ave Battle Ave EP
bbno$ | Eat Ya Veggies
Freya Beer | Beast
Justin Bieber | Our World
Birdtalker | Birdtalker
Black Sites | Untrue
James Blake | Friends That Break Your Heart
Blitzers | Seat-Belt
Bones In Butter | This Is Not What You Promised Us Single
Ellery Bonham | Quarterlife Blur
Bornwithhair | When the Witches Fall
Boylife | Gelato
The Breathing Process | Labyrinthian
Broadcaster | Joyride +3
Britton Buchanan | Something You Can Break
Bunny X | Young & In Love
Burial Dance | Structures
B​.​U​.​S. | The Unknown Secretary Reissue
Sarah Caltieri | Yesterdays
Cannabis Corpse | Blunted at Birth Vinyl Reissue
Caravan | It’s None Of Your Business
Cemetery Sun | Ascension
Cerrone | The Best of Cerrone
Cerrone | The Classics (Best of Instrumentals)
The Charlatans | The Charlatans Vinyl Reissue
David Ornette Cherry | Organic Nation Listening Club (The Continual)
Christian Death | The Dark Age Renaissance Collection Part 3: The Age Of Decadence
Chrome | The Visitation
Church Girls | Still Blooms
John Coltrane | A Love Supreme Live in Seattle
Concussed | Precipice of the Void
Sean Conly | The Buzz
Consulate | The Pulse of Iron
Conway the Machine | Piano Love
Matt Costa | Yellow Coat Deluxe
Creeping Death | The Edge Of Existence EP
Darren Criss | A Very Darren Christmas
Joshua Crumbly | ForEver
Crush of Souls | Call You EP
Thomas Csorba | From The Jordan EP
Thomas CVD | Dark Knight EP
Cyrus | Had, Lost EP
Emily D’Angelo | Enargeia
Mariechen Danz | Clouded In Veins
Daydream Three | The Lazy Revolution
Daysormay | Just Existing
Gensu Dean & Guilty Simpson | EGO
Del Water Gap | Del Water Gap
Derniere Volonte | Le Feu Sacre Reissue
Desalmado | Mass Mental Devolution
Destroy Boys | Open Mouth, Open Heart
Britt Devens | Back To Me EP
Dirtsa | Alethia’s Calling EP
Docks / Fleuve | Split EP
Dos Santos | City of Mirrors
Levi Dover | Imaginary Structures
Duoya | International FM
Gregory Dwane | Gregory Dwane
Eclipse | Wired
Efterklang | Windflowers
Elderbrook | Innerlight EP
Vera Ellen | It’s Your Birthday
Kurt Elling | SuperBlue
The Embryos | National Absurdatory
Emra Grid | Threatening Omens In The Clouds
Endless | Lapse: The Guilt We Hold
Ensemble D’Oscillateurs | 2 Transcriptions (Oliveros • Pade)
Ether Coven | Language Is The Instrument Of The Empire
Far Caspian | Ways To Get Out
Newton Faulkner | Interference (Of Light)
Fauness | Maiden No More EP
Faust | Faust 1971-1974
Sam Fender | Seventeen Going Under
Fire-Toolz | Eternal Home
Renée Fleming & Yannick Nézet-Séguin | Voices For Nature: The Anthropocene
Flood Twin | Flood Twin
Folios | Dispatch
Nathan Evans Fox | Wasted Love
Dillon Francis | Happy Machine
Ajay Friese | Light A Match … Then Run EP
Gus G | Quantum Leap
Calista Garcia | A Beautiful World EP
Jamal Gasol & Deuce Ellis | Oxtail
G’emma | Types of Water EP
Glay | Freedom Only
Roger Glover | Snapshot Reissue
The Gluts | Ungrateful Heart
Godcaster | Saltergasp
David Gogo | Silver Cup
Golden Child | Ddara
Teddi Gold | Vol. 2 EP
Felipe Gordon | Highly Conductive Rhythms EP
The Greater Electric | The Greater Electric
Markus Guentner | Extropy
Noah Gundersen | A Pillar of Salt
Haerdsmaelta | All Alone In The Danger Zone
Halfby | Loco
The Halo Trees | Summergloom
Hard Disk Drive | Immortal Nightmares
The Hard-Ons | I’m Sorry Sir, That Riff’s Been Taken
Ross Harper | Tower of Light
Helion Prime | Question Everything Special Edition
Natalie Hemby | Pins & Needles
Hexa | Material Interstices
Hexenbrett | Intermezzo Dei Quattro Coltelli Nudi
Hey!Tonal? | Hey!Tonal? Reissue
The High 70s | Glitter Box
Hiromi | Silver Lining Suite
Scott Hisch | Windless Day
Hoavi | Invariant
Howlin’ Rain | The Dharma Wheel
Hunterc44t & Finlay Clark | Dana Rosa
Imaginature | Imaginature
Impact Approved | Into the Fray
In Solastalgia, Either Way | Morii EP
Inwards | Feeling So Fun Reality EP
Jerusalem In My Heart | Qalaq
John | Nocturnal Manoeuvres
Cody Johnson | Human: The Double Album
Rayne Johnson | Love Drunk Or Lonely EP
Jojoftheejungle | The Red Line
Karloff | Karloff
Karma Kids | Vibes. Part 2
Bre Kennedy | Note to Self
Geoff Kevin | Avoidance
Kidd Keo | Rockport Espacial 2
Kiln | Tungsten
Kirril | Kirril
Darryl Kissick | My Sunshine
Kite | Currents
Knife | Knife
Kowloon Walled City | Piecework
Krave | Inner Asylum EP
Ladyhawke | Time Flies
Lala Lala | I Want The Door To Open
The Last Gang | Noise Noise Noise
The Late Ones | The Fourth Quarter
Chad Lawson | Christmas In My Dreams EP
Shannon Lay | Geist
Anna Leone | I’ve Felt All These Things
Lil Mosquito Disease | Infection 2
Romina Lischka / Marnix De Cat | Bach for Two
Lizard Music | Arizone!
Andra Ljos | Fountain of Inspiration
Local H | Awesome Quarantine Mixtape #3
Loophole | Ghostmonauts
Christian Lopez | The Other Side
Low Hum | Nonfiction
Lucid Lucia | Lucid Lucia
W.H. Lung | Vanities
Lunice | One Hunned Deluxe
Lunice | Stacker Upper Deluxe
Lute | Gold Mouf
Magdalena Bay | Mercurial World
Bodo Maier | Lamento Olvidado
Matt Maltese | Good Morning It’s Now Tomorrow
Manimal | Armageddon
Marineris | My Band Could Be Your Home
Barrett Martin | Stillpoint
Cliff Martinez | Drive Soundtrack Special 10th Anniversary Edition
Jesse McCartney | New Stage
Reba McEntire | Revived Remixed Revisited
Loreena McKennitt | The Visit: The Definitive Edition
Mercury Circle | Killing Moons
Merzbow | Flare Blues
Mewn | Landscapes Unchanged EP
MF Robots | Break The Wall
Hatsune Miku | Magical Mirai 2021
Misticia | XVA
AJ Mitchell | Skyview
Moaning Lisa | Something Like This But Not This
Moody Beach | Assembly of the Wild EP
Kevin Morby | A Night At The Little Los Angeles (Sundowner 4​-​Track Demos)
Morfonica | Harmony Day
Morningsiders | Easy Does It EP
Møtrik | Møøn: The Cosmic Electrics of Møtrik
Mutant Blast | Detonation
MVW | Classic$
Myalansky | Lansky
My Son The Doctor | Taste Those Dreams
Toshimaru Nakamura | Culvert – No​-​Input Mixing Board 10
The National Parks | A Mix For The End Of The World Part 1
Bronze Nazareth & Roc Marciano | Ekphrasis
Willie Nelson | Legendary Outlaw
New Mexican Stargazers | Highway Dreamscape
Chum Ngek & Sara Say with Masady Mani | Agangamasor & His Magic Power
Nightwatchers | Common Crusades
1970s Film Stock | Third Anthem
Nobuka | Reiko
Kristian Nord | The Rest Is A Gift
Nothing | The Great Dismal B​-​Sides
NTO | Apnea
Nucleares | Hard Drive
Numbmoi | The Fall
L’Ocelle Mare | Sans Chemin
Often | Dirty Saint
Of The Wand And The Moon | Your Love Can’t Hold This Wreath Of Sorrow
Dina Ögon | Dina Ögon
Oh Wonder | 22 Break
Old Dominion | Time, Tequila & Therapy
The Omnific | Escapades
Orquestra Afro-Brasileira | 80 Anos
Oscar and the Wolf | The Shimmer
Our Man in the Bronze Age | Hexed Endeavours
Outer Heaven | In Tribute…
Kayla Painter | Somewhen
Papur Wal | Amser Mynd Adra
Parliamo | The Parliamo Manifesto EP
Bernard Parmegiani | Mémoire Magnétique Vol. 2 (1966​-​1993)
Grant Pavol | Reflections EP
Karen Peris | A Song Is Way Above the Lawn
Grace Petrie | Connectivity
Pip Blom | Welcome Break
Pixy | Temptation
Plain Mister Smith | Plain Mister Smith EP
The Poison Arrows | I Can’t Quite Get Organized
Porches | All Day Gentle Hold!
Powfu | Tell Me Your Feelings And I Won’t Tell You Mine
PPJ | Sonho EP
Laurel Premo | Golden Loam
Putrevore | Miasmal Monstrosity
The Pxrtals | La Poétesse
Quarantine | Agony
S. Raekwon | Where I’m At Now
Rahm | So Close But So Far
The Rain Within | Horrorshow
Phil Ranelin | Infinite Expressions
Rat Jesu | DeathconHexRemix
The Record Company | Play Loud
Juliana Riccardi | Full Cup EP
Rider/Horse | Select Trials
Blake Rose | A World Gone By EP
Sean Rowe | The Darkness Dressed In Colored Lights
Royel Otis | Campus
Runrummer | Outer Space EP
Josefin Runsteen | Hana / Three Bodies Soundtrack
Emma Russack & Lachlan Denton | Something is Going to Change Tomorrow, Today. What Will You Do? What Will You Say?
Matthew Ryals | Voltage Scores
St. James Infirmary | Astral Vibes
Joe St. Julien | Empathy
Sátyr | Erato
Scalping | Flood Remixed EP
Scrimshanders | Songs That Never Were
Serious Truth | Audio Mural
SexMag | Sex Metal
Shady Nasty | Clubsmoke EP
Celina Sharma | Cece EP
She Drew The Gun | Behave Myself
Shiv | The Love Interlude EP
Shower Curtain | Something Instead EP
Shy, Low | Snake Behind The Sun
Guilty Simpson & Gensu Dean | Ego
Siren’s Rain | Rise Forth
Sir Was | Let the Morning Come
Sleepy Hollow | Still Sleep? Deluxe
Sl!ce | R3v3rb3d Sl!ce M!x3s Vol. 2
Slow Down Molasses | Minor Deaths
Slowshine | Living Light
Nate Smith | Kinfolk 2: See The Birds
Robbie Smith | 10 Short Films VHS
Anna Smyrk | The Hour Between Us
Georg Solti | Solti in London: The Orchestral Recordings
Son Step | New Ears EP
Sordal | Juno & Jupiter
Jeff Scott Soto | The Duets Collection Vol. 1
SovRin | Prelude
Spectral Darkwave | At Outer Dark
Spicysol | From The C
Spiritual Cramp | Here Comes More Bad News EP
Al Staehely | Post Spirit 1974-1978 Vol. 1
Steel Tipped Dove | Call Me When You’re Outside
Simon Stanley | Floating Down the River
Station | Perspective
Steel Tipped Dove | Call Me When You’re Outside
Stheno | Wardance
Stice | Stice’s Satyricon
Stonewall Noise Orchestra | Vol. 1
Sugarcult | Start Static 20th Anniversary Edition
Donna Summer | I’m a Rainbow Recovered & Recoloured
Swanes | Sticky Concrete
Craig Taborn | Shadow Plays
Taraka | Welcome To Paradise Lost
Tech N9ne | Asin9ne
Ronley Teper & The Lipliners | Everyone Loves A Good Story
Teramaze | And The Beauty They Perceive
Sam Tesky | Cycles
Texas Tornados | A Little Bit Is Better Than Nada: Prime Cuts 1990-1996
Thoughtcrimes | Tap Night Deluxe
347aidan | Harmony
Token | Pink Is Better
Don Toliver | Life Of A Don
Tomi | Sweet, Sweet Honey EP
Topdown Dialectic | Vol. 3
Tour-Maubourg | Paradis Artificiels Remixes
Devin Townsend | Snuggles
Devin Townsend | The Puzzle
Daniil Trifonov | The Art of Life
Triptides | So Many Days
Trivium | In The Court Of The Dragon
Josh Turner | King Size Manger
II Tone | Church And Liquor Sto
2xxx! | Charging
U.D.O. | Game Over
Under the Pier | An Exercise In Discontent
Untamed Land | Like Creatures Seeking Their Own Forms
Upsahl | Lady Jesus
Vanilla Ninja | Encore
Various Artists | Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows: Songs of John Prine Vol. 2
Various Artists | It’s a Good, Good Feeling: The Latin Soul of Fania Records (The Singles)
Various Artists | Philadelphia International Records: The 12” Mixes, Volume 2
The Velveteers | Nightmare Daydream
Violent Femmes | Why Do Birds Sing? 30th Anniversary Edition
Vök | Feeding on a Tragedy EP
Jon Patrick Walker | The Rented Tuxedo & Other Songs
Wee Willie Walker | Not In My Lifetime
Ward White | The Tender Age
We Are Scientists | Huffy
The Wild Feathers | Alvarado
Kris Wiley | Kris Wiley
J.D. Wilkes & the Legendary Shack Shakers | Cockadoodledeux
Anita Wilson | Soul Sister
Carolyn Wonderland | Tempting Fate
The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die | Illusory Walls
Carolyn Wonderland | Tempting Fate
Gia Woods | Heartbreak Country EP
Woodz | Only Lovers Left
Wyndow | Wyndow
Xochimoki | Temple of the New Sun
Akiko Yano | Ai Ga Nakucha Ne Reissue
Yellow Shoots | The Green Album Deluxe
Youngjae | Colors From Ars
Kay Young | This Here Feels Good EP
Jo Yuri | Glassy
Nick Zanca | Cacerolazo
Zoe & Cloyd | Rebuild
Zpell Hologos | Birmania