Ronley Teper And The Lipliners | Everyone Loves A Good Story: Exclusive Video Premiere

Meta lyrics, game graphics and orchestral sounds blend into a clip like no other.


Ronley Teper And The Lipliners spin a wonderfully animated yarn in their reflective new single and video Everyone Loves A Good Story — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

A metafictional monologue on writing and the creative process set to a shape-shifting, multi-layered orchestral score — and illustrated by a mesmerizing, mind-bending video game-inspired clip — Everyone Loves A Good Story (which also happens to be the title track from the Lipliners’ upcoming album) is a long way from your typical pop fare. Which only makes sense, since Teper and co. are anything but your standard band.

Children of all ages who love storytelling that is comedic, satirical, poetic and theatrical, yet still serious at times — and delivered alongside magical music and visuals —  should prepare themselves for the surprising world of Teper. Born in South Africa and raised in Toronto, she is a unique composer, producer, performance artist and multimedia artist. Teper invites a rotating roster of some of the finest musicians, animators and multimedia artists to collaborate and publicly improvise around her musical narratives, which cycle through a myriad of influences — everything from folk, funk, jazz and cabaret to post-rock, combined and rendered with pop sensibilities and deep love of improvisation. This unusual process has led to a series of dynamic and diverse collaborations and an ever-flowing body of work.

Photo by Saúl Lederman.

An active member in the arts scene for almost two decades who constantly bends genre and medium, Teper has recorded five independent LPs, and will release her sixth album, Everyone Loves A Good Story, on Oct. 8. She has composed, and performed works for puppet theatre in both Summerworks and Fringe Festivals in Toronto and Montreal. During Covid, she created and directed So Whatcha Doin?, a 32-episode all-ages Youtube series hosted by Sock Face Teper that explores music education, art, friendship and philosophical questions, such as: What is your favourite snack? She has had musical placements in television, documentary films, and a few video games. She was a guest speaker at the first TEDx talks in Bangkok. Teper has participated in a variety of collaborations, artist residencies and has toured regularly in Canada, Europe and abroad. She is known for her energetic and exploratory live performances and has been described as reminiscent of artists including Tom Waits, Mary Margaret O’Hara, Laurie Anderson, Kate Bush and Frank Zappa.

Watch Everyone Loves A Good Story above, hear more from Ronley Teper And The Lipliners below, and try to keep up with her on her website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.