Tuesday Mixtape (Side 1) | 82 Songs Not To Be Missed


You ever have one of those days when everything gets off to a good start β€” then goes right off the rails? That’s where I’m at. But I managed to get it together long enough to collect these 82 new singles, videos, cover tunes and remixes β€” including plenty of treats you won’t get anywhere else. Today’s Tinnitist-approved cuts (including all the tracks in this section) are tagged with πŸ‘ β€” because they have it. Whatever it is.



1 | Eels | Good Night On Earth

2 | Neal Francis Alameda Apartments

3 | Springtime | Will To Power

4 | Public Service Broadcasting | Der Rhythmus Der Maschinen

5 | Namesake Hole In The Wall

6 | Weakened Friends | Quitter

7 | They Might Be Giants | Super Cool

8+9 | Miss Georgia Peach | You Blow My Mind + Do You Know What Love Means?

10 | Android Trio | Concentric Lines

11 | Eddie Spaghetti & Frank Meyer | I Think It Sucks (And I Don’t Like It)

12 | Cat Downling | Animals