Tinnitist TV | Episode 1: Theo Ogundipe

My new video interview series kicks off with the rising London producer & actor.


This might not be the brightest idea I’ve ever had, but it’s certainly not the worst. And what the hell — either way, it could be interesting.

Here’s the deal: After finally being forced to deal with Zoom thanks to my weekday Sonic Reducers chats with my pal Eric Alper, I have decided to start recording and posting video interviews. And why not? After all, what could go wrong? I have no training or technical knowhow, poor interpersonal skills, zero charisma and what even the kindest person would call a face made for radio. Counterpoint: I have also seen the Internet. So I’m not gonna beat myself up too much. Like I said: Not the best. Not the worst. In any case, I plan to post a couple of interviews every week. Please bear with me while I figure out all this stuff. Hopefully, these segments won’t look like hostage videos for very long.

Speaking of hostages: My first victim is Theo Ogundipe. You might not know his name right now, but I suspect you’ll learn it soon. He’s a Shakespearean actor in London who also has a multi-episode role in the third season of Top Boy. But we were talking because he’s also a musician and producer who just released his first EP Reworks, which features his reinterpreted versions of songs by J Dilla, Freddie Joachim and Miguel. You can read more about it and him HERE. He recently Zoomed in from his London flat — after a driving lesson, of all things — to talk about music, acting, the relationship between the Bard and rap, and plenty more. Enjoy. And no, I am not blinking a message in Morse Code. Though it’s totally possible Theo might be. Watch and decide for yourself.