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Charrlonmane Collective | Picture Of Your Heart: Exclusive Premiere

The B.C. trio share a muscular folk-rocker from their recently released third album.


Charrlonmane Collective draw a Picture Of Your Heart in their strring new single — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

A standout track from the B.C. trio’s just-released third album Go With The Flow, Picture Of Your Heart is a muscular folk-rocker built around ringing acoustic guitars and topped with vocals reminiscent of a Guns N’Roses ballad from the ’90s. That nostalgic touch is no accident.

“I’m from the era of the album as an art form. And I still believe in the album as an art form,” says singer-songwriter Charrlon Mane (aka Carlo Hermann). “So if you listen to the album, and the order with which the songs come out, I think there are some themes that are revisited. Rebellion, love, living in the now, social injustice, a search for answers.” This began a new life shift for Mane — he finally surrendered to the magnetic musical pull that had been a focus for years.

Mane has been evolving and expanding his relationship with music for quite some time. With his collective’s new album Go With The Flow, he further delves into his craft, cultivating songs from an intensely personal space. “Travel has been a big inspiration to me. Places and people I love tend to creep into my tunes,” he explains. “It’s like life filters through the songs and I digest it that way. Certain songs have such strong memories attached that each time I play them I’m transported to a certain time and place.” He has worked to distill those emotions that are experienced across generations, and he sheds light on the experiences and stories that have the ability to be profoundly moving and channeled those feelings into an expansive collection of songs for the record.

The lush new songs are an ode to self-discovery and to the subtle-yet-profound moments of life — tinged with rock, folk and singer-songwriter mentalities. The result is an unpredictable, vulnerable, strident and sincere album, built upon strong lyricism and dynamic musicianship. The process in the studio honed in on that with a combination of raw, live off the floor moments coupled with private sessions to really nail down the tunes. With brand new music on the horizon, Mane has his sights on reconnecting with fans in the communities he once frequented and igniting a renewed interest in his music through digital means.

Listen to Picture Of Your Heart above, check out Go With The Flow below, and join Charrlonmane Collective at their website.