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Albums Of The Week: Little Jimi | The Cantos

Savour a blast of psychedelic space-rock from a trippy Bordeaux power trio.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Little Jimi‘s record The Cantos is none other than the sonic initiation story of Jimi, a strange kid whose schizophrenic personality is a doorway toward an in-depth introspective and fanciful musical universe. Space rock, trippy doom and a bit of grunge are perfectly mixed here, bearing elements as disparate as hypnotic and mythological riffs in the vein of Mr. Bison or Elephant Tree, and All Them Witches’ creative subtlety.

Commenting on the album the band say: “The Cantos project — music and artwork — is inspired by writings about travel, such as Homer‘s Odyssey. It has been a common thread for the whole musical creation, we knew where we wanted to go from the beginning. We took as time as we needed to write and create this record, we didn’t rush so nothing was left to chance. The Cantos is an item that we are really proud of.”

Bordeaux-based underground trio Little Jimi’s psychedelic and progressive heavy is intense, audacious and thrilling. On stage, the band’s exaltation features strength, energy and passion.”

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