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Albums Of The Week: Jake Bugg | Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

The British singer-songwriter pushes pop & rock to the fore on his fifth full-length.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Saturday Night, Sunday Morning marks a bold and exciting new chapter for Jake Bugg. His fifth studio album is filled with catchy guitar hooks, rhythmic base lines and anthemic choruses giving the record a huge euphoric feel. Cleverly set against more introspective songs with beautifully crafted lyrics, the album plays with a spectrum of emotions that we can all relate to. Jake says it was “the most fun he’s ever had making a record.”

At 27 years old and with four albums and numerous hit singles to his name, Bugg has a seasoned knowledge beyond his young years, which he couples with a refreshing wry sense of humour. Raised on a steady diet of The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and Oasis, the English singer-songwriter’s bluesy, Brit-pop-forward indie-folk pairs working-class swagger with wry, weathered romanticism. He found success in 2012 with his Mercury Prize-nominated eponymous debut, which included the hit singles Two Fingers and Lightning Bolt. He continued to develop his sound on subsequent efforts like Shangri La (2013) and Hearts That Strain (2017), introducing elements of country-rock and Americana into the mix.”