Jennifer Lauren Reigns From Now To Kingdom Come

The singer-songwriter delivers an empowered comeback anthem for the good guys.


Jennifer Lauren is queen of the castle in her empowered single and video Kingdom Come — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

In the cinematic cut, Lauren’s vocals soar against a backdrop of dark synths and dissonant industrial beats, taking the listener on a cathartic journey over hills and valleys of loud-quiet-loud. It’s a song of courage and power — one meant to rouse the royalty we all have within.

When Lauren originally came across the instrumental track from Russian music producer Sighost last Christmas Eve, it was titled Throne. She and her co-writer Miranda Boutros instantly knew it was something they could work with. “We loved the mood and power of it, and felt inspired by its title,” Jennifer shares. “It made me think of the moment (in a movie) where the antagonist’s smug smile falters as they realize they’ve just lost, and the protagonist takes back what was theirs, what they’ve built.” She nicknamed the finished song, fittingly, “the good guy’s comeback anthem.”

Kingdom Come is one of eight singles Lauren aims to release in 2021, and comes on the heels of Enemy and Now or Never — which were used in the Russian television drama Silver Spoon (in Russian: Mazhor). With a genre similar to current pop stars like Halsey and Billie Eilish, she sings with a unique dark and soulful depth. Like a night alone on a starry beach, her artistry evokes those moments that are both private and universal.

Watch Kingdom Come above, hear more from Jennifer Lauren below, and learn more on her website, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.