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Next Week in Music | Aug. 9-15 • The Long List: 280 Releases On The Way

All the music heading to your playlist in the coming days — and then some.


Your latest upcoming albums list is brought to you by the words Live, World, Light, Good, Still and Feel. That all sounds pretty positive, doesn’t it? Fingers crossed that everything stays that way. Meanwhile, here are your listening options:



Act Of Denial | Negative
Ænigmatum | Deconsecrate
Ænigmatum | Forged From Bedlam
Afterlife | Part Of Me
A Great Big Pile Of Leaves | Pono
Alchemy of Flesh | Ageless Abomination
Alexalone | Alexaloneworld
Alias | It’s Not Funny So Stop Smilin’
Joe Alterman | The Upside Of Down
Alvinda | Négatif EP
Anaal Nathrakh | Hell Is Empty, and All the Devils Are Here
Anaal Nathrakh | When Fire Rains Down from the Sky, Mankind Will Reap as It Has Sown
Eleri Angharad | Nightclub Floor EP
Paul Anka | Making Memories
Annihilus | Follow a Song From the Sky
AntiMozdeBeast | (working Progress)
Anyasa | Gaya EP
Charles Arizona | WYW
Joan Armatrading | Consequences
Iggy Azalea | The End of an Era
Katy B | Under My Skin
Corrine Bailey Rae | Corrine Bailey Rae Vinyl Reissue
Devendra Banhart, Noah Georgeson | Refuge
Jonathan Bauer | Sings & Plays
Beatchild | Unselfish Desires
Benny The Butcher | Pyrex Picasso
Beyondsonny | Solstice EP
Binki | Motor Function EP
Jade Bird | Different Kinds of Light
Brogan Bentley | Diapason Rex
Monty Bevins | Time To Bide
Blackbear | misery lake
Black Pumas | Capitol Cuts: Live From Studio A
Blacktop Mojo | Blacktop Mojo
The Blossom | Sports Car
Bloxx | Pop Culture EP
Body / negative | Fragments Remixed
Bohemyst | Čerň A Smrt
Boldy James & The Alchemist | Bo Jackson LP
Boldy James & The Alchemist | Boldface EP
Chavo & Pi’erre Bourne | Chavo’s World 2
The Boyz | Thrill-ing
Brijean | Feelings Remixes EP
Burial In The Sky | The Self-Consumed
Raven Bush | Fall Into Noise
Joey Cape | A Good Year To Forget
Casket Robbery | The Hidden… The Hideous Single
Caskets | Lost Souls
Celer | In Light Of Blues
A Certain Ratio | ACR:EPR
Chain Cult | We’re Not Alone
Chino Cappin | Ladders
Chorusing | Half Mirror
Chrome | Scaropy
Cinema Cinema | CCXMDII
Josienne Clarke | A Small Unknowable Thing
The Cocker Spaniels | The Cocker Spaniels Are Still Alive And So Are You
Tony Coe & John Horler | Dancing in the Dark
The Cold Stares | Heavy Shoes
Consumption | Recursive Definitions of Suppuration
Hein Cooper | Turbulent Heart EP
Max Cooper | Yearning for the Infinite Remixed
Fred Copeman | Mere Mortals EP
Cots | Disturbing Body
CRi | To You
Sheryl Crow | Live From the Ryman And More
Cruzados | She’s Automatic
The Crystal Casino Band | Not About You
Damon & Naomi | A Sky Record
Dan + Shay | Good Things
Death Ingloria | Death Ingloria II: Death By Admin
DC The Don | My Own Worst 3nemy
Sally Decker | In The Tender Dream
Gabi Demartino | Not Today
d’Eon | Rhododendron
Desiigner | 3 THE HARD WAY EP
Destruction | Live Attack
Lee Dewyze | Ghost Stories
Joe Diffie | Life’s So Funny / Twice Upon a Time / A Night to Remember / In Another World Remastered
Dikajee | Forget~Me~Nots
Distinct Motive, Hella, Fearless Dread | Ridley Road Split
Dreamers | Atlas EP
Earth House Hold | Daybreak Basements and Broken Hearts
Eben | Dandelions EP
Eclipser | Pages EP
Edredon Sensible | Vloute Panthère
Snow Ellet | Suburban Indie Rock Star
John Ellis, Adam Levy & Glenn Patscha | Say it Quiet
El Michels Affair meets Liam Bailey | Ekundayo Inversions
The Elovaters | Castles
Elroy | Elroy
Ex Norwegian | Thot Patrol Single
Explorer Tapes | Explorer Tapes
Fearancy | Dæmonium
Feed Me | Feed Me
Chelpa Ferro | Hip Hop
Alvin Fielder / David Dove / Jason Jackson / Damon Smith | The Very Cup of Trembling
FKJ | Just Piano
Bendigo Fletcher | Fits of Laughter
Nick Garbett & Mike Majkowski | The Glider
Jeremy Garrett | Wanderer’s Compass
Ghost Woman | Lost Echo’s EP
Brandon Gibbs | My Own Way Single
Kass Rose Gold | Joy Ride EP
Gost | Rites of Love and Reverence
Grateful Dead | Road Trips Vol. 2 No. 2—Carousel 2-14-68
Gridfailure / S.C.R.A.M. | Split EP
Groza | The Redemptive End
Harlem Gospel Travelers | Fight On! / Keep On Praying
Yan Hart-Lemonnier | Confortable au bord du vide
Jackie Hayes | There’s Always Going to Be Something EP
Hellbomber | Noise Worship Propaganda EP
The Hello Darlins | Go By Feel
Luke Hemmings | When Facing the Things We Turn Away From
Boo Hewerdine & Vlado Nosal | British Summer Time / Hotel Art
Sala Hirose | Lullaby Cherryred
Kevin Holliday | OMNI EP
Jennifer Hudson | Respect Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Isaia Huron | Bound
Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt | Ghosts Always Win
Imperial Slaughter | …Vile Slobs
Infex | Burning In Exile
Pi Jacobs | Live From Memphis
Jamart | Jamart
Ted Jasper | Do Something EP
Park Jihoon | My Collection
Juju | Fuzz Club Session
Jungle | Loving In Stereo
Juracán | You Said, Lecciones Single
JWestern | Midnight Thoughts EP
Katz | Only You EP
K Camp | FLOAT
The Killers | Pressure Machine
John Carroll Kirby | Cryptozoo: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Joy Orbison | Still Slipping Vol. 1
Tom Kitt | Reflect
Oscar Lang | Chew The Scenery
Ada Lea | One Hand On The Steering Wheel The Other Sewing A Garden
Lionmilk Quartet | O.T.S.
Jan Lisiecki | Chopin: Complete Nocturnes
Lizzo | Rumors
The London Suede | Coming Up 25th Anniversary Edition
The Lunar Laugh | Allegiance Single
Magnetic Heads | Moral Outage
M.A.G.S. | Say Things That Matter
Malossi | Kje Med Are
Hank May | One More Taste Of The Good Stuff
Walt McClements | A Hole In The Fence
McClenney | On a Virgo Mind
Adam Meckler Orchestra | Music for the Water Walkway
Media Jeweler | The Sublime Sculpture of Being Alive
Meet Me @ The Altar | Model Citizen EP
Melly-Mel & Tone Spliff | New People
Mallory Merk | Counterparts
Junior Mesa | Cirque Du Freak EP
Mike and the Moonpies | One to Grow On
Roy Montgomery | Rhymes Of Chance
Tanya Morgan | Don & Von
Mountain Movers | World What World
Rachika Nayar | Fragments
Nikshoww | Romance & Realism
Willie Nile | The Day The Earth Stood Still
Nonnie | Either Way, I’m Fine
Elijah Ocean | Born Blue
Diane Ofori | Sail Away Single
OhGeesy | Geezy World
101 | Stunt House EP
Orchestre Anassoua-Jazz De Parakou-Nord Dahomey | Bakassine Gabou / Moumouni Bassina Borou Fo
(Eli)zabeth Owens | Knock Knock
Pachyman | The Return of . . .
Paragon Cause | Autopilot
Pile | Songs Known Together, Alone
Perihelion Gnosis / Wharflurch | Syzygial Slime Worlds
Pet Symmetry | Future Suits
Ben Platt | Reverie
Everson Poe | Possessor
Pole | Tanzboden
Polish Club | Now We’re Cookin’
Polterguise | Vantablack EP
Porridge Radio | You Are a Runner and I Am My Father’s Son / New Slang
PraXmitH | Comfort in Danger
Prism Quartet featuring Ravi Coltrane, Joe Lovano, and Chris Potter | Volume 2
Provoker | Body Jumper
Psychic Graveyard | Veins Feel Strange
Psychotic Youth | New Wonders 1996-2021
Qrixkuor Poison | Palinopsia
Quicksand | Distant Populations
Rainbow Kitten Surprise | RKS! Live From Athens Georgia
Rebel Priest | Lost In Tokyo
Ridney | Constantly (ft. Natalie Wood) Single
Rio Da Yung OG & RMC Mike | Dum N Dumbber 3
RiskR | HearingTest_4.mp3
Sam Roberts Band | Chemical City (Redux)
Olivia Rodrigo | Traitor
Sam Ruffillo | Italianissimo
The Rumberts | Escapism
Jana Rush | Painful Enlightenment
Sail | Flood Single
Suzanne Santo | Yard Sale
Samia | Scout EP (Physical Release)
F. Scott and the Nighthawks | Hold Onto Your Heart
The Screaming Jets | All for One (30 Year Anniversary Edition)
Scritti Politti | Cupid & Psyche 85
Daniel Eva Schwob | Out of the Tunnel
Kaley Shorr | I Got Here By Accident EP
Sea Fever | Folding Lines
Sea Girls | Sick
Edredon Sensible | Vloute Panthère
Septage | Septisk Eradikasyon
Sepultura | SepulQuarta
Shakey Trill | Shakey Trill
Sha Sha Kimbo | Total Chaos EP
Shinjiro Atae | This is Where We Promise
Lorna Shore | …And I Return To Nothingness
Nina Simone | Little Girl Blue Reissue
Slaughter To Prevail | Kostolom
Sleeveens | The Draw
Sølyst | Spring
Sophist | Metabolic Chasm
Sorrows | Love Too Late … The Real Album
Spacegoat | Catharsis EP
Charles Spearin | My City Of Starlings
Spirit Breaker | Cura Nata
Starita | The Wake Up Call EP
Still Woozy | If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is
Stuck | Content That Makes You Feel Good
Suede | Coming Up 25th Anniversary Edition
$uicideboy$ | Long Term Effects of SUFFERING
Sungaze | This Dream
Supreme Love Gods | We Are All Together EP
Joseph Taylor Sutkowski | Of Wisdom & Folly
Swerve | Ruin Your Day
S-X | A Repeat Wouldn’t Go A Miss
Svntax Error | Message
Teal | Hearth
Tel / Age of the Wolf | Vigils
30/70 | Tastes Like Freedom: Remixed
Viktor Timofeev | Palace of Peace & Reconciliation
ToiToiToi | Vagnaten
The Transonics | Tides EP
Trashboat | Don’t You Feel Amazing
Travis | 12 Memories Vinyl Reissue
Trippie Redd | Trip At Knight
Tri State Corner | Stereotype
Tsukinomito | Moon Rabbits Dream About Virtual
Tri State Corner | Stereotype
Typhoid Rosie | Queen Of Swords
The Ugly Kings | Strange, Strange Times
Suzie Ungerleider | My Name is Suzie Ungerleider
Unreqvited | Beautiful Ghosts
Vaelmyst | Secrypts Of The Egochasm
The Vapors | Waiting For The Weekend
Various Artists | Boomerang Records presents Global Sounds
Various Artists | Free Guy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Various Artists | Ghostbusters II (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Various Artists | Melting Butter Sessions: This Charming Man live at Rama Tonstudio Vol . 1
Various Artists | Rip It Up: The Best of Specialty Records
Victory Kid | Discernation
Violette | In Her Beauty Lies My Death And My Life EP
Viserion | Natural Selection
Grace Vonderkuhn | Pleasure Pain
Keith Wallen | This World Or The Next
Susanna and David Wallumrød | Live
Ludwig Wandinger | Rooms
Watchhouse | Watchhouse
Weathers | Pillows & Therapy
Wednesday | Twin Plagues
Matthew Whitaker | Connections
Who? What? When? Why? & Werewolves? | Hard Feelings
Ciaran Whyte | Title … Uncertain
Wild Americans | One-Dimensional Man
Wings Of Desire | Amun-Ra EP
Wing Vilma | Spirit Practice
Without God | Siberian Tunes: The Green Light EP
Grace Womack | Yellow Cowboy Hat EP
Ha Sung Woon | Select Shop
Xofilo | stardom
Trisha Yearwood | Every Girl Deluxe Edition
YNW Melly | Just a Matter of Slime
Brandee Younger | Somewhere Different
Your Gaze | Mind Palace Technique
Yung Fazo | #frvralone
Zvrra | Array Of Light