Weekend Mixtape (Side 9) | 148 Songs That Demand Your Immediate Attention


I am just one man. And while I have an infinite appetite for music, even I have my physical limitations. Which is a long way of saying that I was unable to wade through every one of the 1,000-plus submissions that landed in my email today (it’s another Bandcamp Friday, so everyone and their dog has something new for sale). But I did manage to get through at least 700 of them — which yielded this list of nearly 150 new singles, videos, cover tunes and remixes. As always, there are dozens of treasures here that you won’t find anywhere else. Today’s Tinnitist-approved cuts are marked with 🎳 — ’cause they’ll bowl you over. Set ’em up:



🎳 140 | Anne Waldman and Fast Speaking Music | Allen Ginsberg’s Plutonian Ode

141 | Tabloid | Île Flottante

142 | PraXmitH | Four


143 | Ominous Conclusions | Part I: Alone

144 | Lyra | Molly Herron and Science Ficta

145 | Chelpa Ferro | Trinca Ferro (part. Tantão)

146+147 | DM Stith | High Tower + Imperial Leather

148 | Tim Motzer | The Wisdom of Water