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Albums Of The Week: Catbite | Nice One

The Philly foursome put their own twist on ska-punk with this sophomore full-length.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Catbite are talented as hell, put their own spin on ska, and are serious about their music but with a healthy sense of humor and skepticism about genre definition. And their sophomore album Nice One fully realizes the idea of the Philadelphia band in a way that the debut record only flirted with.

At one turn the band gives Rancid a run for their money with a speedy & gritty ska attack … at the next they’re outplaying any rocksteady outfit in the game … and at another they’re launching into pop ballads with anthemic ear-worm choruses. The band has chops in spades. Tim Hildebrand‘s reverb-drenched upstrokes would have Roddy Radiation’s seal of approval, and you cannot name a ska band with a tighter rhythm section than the bond formed between Chris Pires and Ben Parry. And it would be a crime to not mention how god damn talented Brittany Luna is. She can f*cking SING, she can write a HELL of a hook, and you will have absolutely no doubt about either of those statements after hearing this record. Cap that off with top tier guest instrumentalists like Esteban Flores on the keys, Jeremy Hunter on trombone, Matt “Food” Ellis on sax, and Adam Birch on trumpet, and you’ve truly got an all-star lineup for a truly game-changing ska record. Punks will love this record. Ska purists will love this record. You will love this record.”