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Jayeman Shares His Asylum With No One

The Indiana rapper gives you a sneak peek at his darkly disturbing debut disc.


Jayeman welcomes you to his Asylum with his darkly disturbing new single No One — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A sneak peek inside the underground Indiana rapper and hip-hop artist’s upcoming debut full-length, No One takes a 4:44 descent into a world of madness, sadness, desperation and loneliness. “My life’s getting f—ed, and I have no one,” Jayeman concedes on the unflinchingly confessional track, which sets rapid-fire verse against a deadpan sing-song chorus, a slow-grinding groove and grim, woozy synth tones. As a scene-setter for an album called Asylum, it’s a slam-dunk. And there’s plenty more where that came from, Jayeman says.

“The overall vibe will have a darker theme to it, just like how being stuck inside an asylum might feel,” he confirms. “No One is just a glimpse of what it is about.”

It’s a pretty good eye-opener to what Jayeman is all about too. In a world of cookie-cutter rappers who go along to get along, the ascendant artist has remained committed to his unique style of music and performance, based around his inimitable vocal style and razor-edged lyrical abilities. With Asylum, he raises the bar higher and pushes himself harder to not only entertain fans, but also take them on an adventure of imagination and discovery. Every song on the album has a message to deliver, a secret to reveal, a story to tell.

Jayeman’s own musical story began at a young age, writing lyrics and performing for friends in high school. He began making music professionally at 18 years old and hasn’t looked back. Since his first recordings and performances, he has remained unstoppable, dishing out quality music that has captivated fans worldwide. With Asylum — the result of several months of concentrated effort — he aims to put his sound in the spotlight and his local community on the map.

You can check into Jayeman’s Asylum on Aug. 29. But first, listen to No One above, check out his single Greater (ft. Kid Kern) below, and follow Jayeman on Instagram.