Darling Overdrive Know The Perfect Summer Jam Is All We Need

The Colorado trio offer a high-spirited power-pop ode to the joys of sun, sand & surf.


Darling Overdrive throw a beach party in the Bahamas on their celebratory new single All We Need — showcasing today on Tinnitst.

A high-spirited, pitch-perfect power-pop ode to days spent surfing, catching rays and sipping on piña coladas — followeed by nights spent listening to The Beach Boys, downing cold margaritas and dirty dancing next to the fire — the wishfully titled All We Need is an irresistible summertime anthem. Decorated with sharp-edged guitars, pounding surf-rock drums, sandy vocals and waves of joyful ambience, the Denver trio’s latest track sounds like it was cut on the sand at Malibu rather than the inside of a land-locked Colorado studio. Which is exactly how it oughta be.

“We set out to record the ultimate summer jam,” the bandmembers sum up succinctly. “It doesn’t get simpler than that.”

Just as straightforward: The trio’s love affair with the sound and style of late 20th-century rock and pop. Darling Overdrive were founded in 2017 by Brandon Higgins and Andrew Wolfe, who had just recently completed undergraduate degrees in biology and computer science, and were ready to jump back into music. Early drummers came and went until Kyle Shepard joined in 2018. He had experience as both a thrash metal drummer and a recording engineer. With the lineup solidified, the band set to work. Their debut EP Liquid Glass arrived in 2019, followed by Cosmic Autumn in February of this year.

With influences spanning from the late ’60s to the early 2000s, Darling Overdrive deliver exquisite blend of classic and modern rock that is simultaneously familiar yet unique and unplaceable. Searing guitar tones, experimental grooves, memorable lyrics, and powerful vocals are their defining qualities. They pursue a distinct A/B side in their songwriting; A-side songs like All We Need, Honey and Panic possess a post-millennial pop-rock sensibility, while flip-sides like Stranded, Oxy and Surf serve as soaring and experimental ballads that take you on a unique journey.

With four tracks released so far this year, the trio of underground challengers are only gaining momentum. And with live music slowly but surely returning just in time for summer, they are poised to bust out of the garage and bring their beach party to the masses. Which is also exactly how it oughta be.

Check out All We Need above, buy it from Bandcamp below, listen to it on your preferred DSP HERE, and join Darling Overdrive’s party on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.