Sonic Reducers | Clapton Keeps Putting The Slow In Slowhand

Clapton won't play if vaccines are required? We have something to say about that.


I wouldn’t call myself the biggest Eric Clapton fan in the world or anything. But I was still slightly disappointed when he came out as a COVID anti-vaxxer a while back. I was hoping maybe he’d snap out of it. But no.

Today, he upped the ante by announcing he won’t play shows where proof of vaccination or COVID tests are required. Well, he’s really putting the Slow in Slowhand with that one. But at least it gives his much more sensible namesake Eric Alper and I something to chat about in today’s episode of Sonic Reducers. Join us as we discuss Clapton’s silly decision, ponder what impact it might have on his career, and wonder whether the anti-vaxxers he’s sucking up to are ready, willing and able to shell out $500 to see him. Sonic Reducers: One topic. Two music nerds. Five minutes. Everything you need to know.