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Brian Berggoetz Blossoms On Wildflower

The Tucson rocker shows off his artistic growth on this grounded acoustic solo set.


Brian Berggoetz delivers a romantic musical bouquet on his intimate new album Wildflower — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The full-length solo debut from the veteran Tucson singer-songwriter and guitarist, the 12-track offering eschews his signature rock and blues for a new sound: Dreamy, uplifting folk and Americana ballads anchored by acoustic guitar, decorated with violin and flute, and topped by tender vocals and heartfelt lyrics. It’s the kind of album that sounds like it was inspired by a new romance — which it was.

At the start of the pandemic, Brian began a new relationship that inspired him to write songs that were softer than what his hard-hitting band ordinarily plays. During his quarantine downtime — and while he was recovering from successful prostate cancer surgery — Berggoetz crafted the 50-minute Wildflower, which features 11 originals and a lushly textured reimagining of the Jimi Hendrix classic Purple Haze.

Photo by Phil Kelly.

The tracks were cut with Duncan Stitt at A Writer’s Room studio in Tucson, with the musicians — including Berggoetz, guitarist Frank Filipo, bassist Mark Nearing, violinist Shanti Foster and Michelle Constanza Miner on flute and harmony vocals — recording their parts in separate rooms. According to Berggoetz, the musicians never even rehearsed together — not that you can tell from the communal spirit and connectivity that flow through the recordings.

Berggoetz is a self-taught guitarist and a natural-born singer-songwriter who has been playing, writing and performing, both as a solo artist and in bands, since he was 18 years of age. His latest ensemble, The Brian Berggoetz Band, came together four years ago, creating a solid and optimal configuration that showcases his original compositions, along with some cover songs that he has re-written to make them his own.

Listen to Wildflower below, watch the video for the title track above, and connect with Brian Berggoetz on his website and Facebook.

Photo by Phil Kelly.
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