Adrienne Nye Spends Her Lonely Days Trying To Get Back To You

The Vancouver singer-songwriter shares an ode for couples separated by COVID.


Adrienne Nye feels the pull of love in her transfixing new single and video Lonely Days — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

With a song steeped in emotional yearning and loss, the Montreal-born, Vancouver-based roots artist strikes a chord that will resonate with anyone who has ever been separated from a loved one.

“This song was written as an anthem to all binational couples separated by border closures,” Nye explains. “Being separated for a long time from someone you love can be gut wrenching and heartbreaking. It impacts everything from our mental health to our support network to our general sense of wellbeing. It leaves us longing for connection and feeling the deep sting of isolation and separation. My heart goes out to everyone trying to get to someone they love and just can’t. It is my hope that this song brings us together to relate to each other’s struggles and find strength in our collective pandemic stories of love, loss and uncertainty. Together or apart, love is essential.”

The multi-instrumentalist has had an incredible tenure in music. She started singing at the tender age of four, booked her first professional show at nine, and composed a full length missa brevis in three-part harmony for her choir when she was 14. “It was performed at Place des Arts in Montreal and broadcast live on Radio-Canada,” Nye says. In 2017 she formed Fallow State with Christopher D. Olson, and their music became known around the Vancouver music scene as a rich tapestry of clever songwriting, refined musicality and shape-shifting harmonies.

Lonely Days marks Nye’s first solo single in more than a decade. Enlisting a host of talented collaborators to see the track through, including JP Maurice as session musician, producer, and even backing vocals. As Nye says, he brought “everything to the table … From backing vocals, to piano, guitar, bass, synth, organ, drums, and I probably forgot some other things in there too. He threw everything at the wall, and then some, and we got to select the best of what we had. It was so much fun to try different things and see what felt right. It’s amazing to find someone who hears music the way you do but also throws some creative curve balls into the mix that you might not have considered.”

Case in point: The pulsating stomp that can be felt like a metronome throughout the piece. “After tracking the acoustic guitar first, we decided to add a ‘porch stomp’ which was meant to serve as a sort of marching heartbeat throughout the song,” Nye says. “JP ran a mic under a ramp in the courtyard of the studio and literally stomped on it. I couldn’t stop laughing as we went back and forth trying to decide whose shoes made a better thumping sound. His won.”

Check out Lonely Days above and below, and follow Adrienne Nye on Instagram and TikTok.