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Next Week in Music | July 19-25 • The Long List: 300+ Releases On The Way

All the new music headed for your playlist in the coming days. Hope you're ready.

After last week’s tsunami of 500-plus Record Store Day releases, the schedule settles down with a relatively paltry 300 or so new albums, EPs, singles, anthologies, compilations, soundtracks, box sets and vinyl reissues. Piece of cake, right? Here’s what’s on the menu:



Josh A | Lonely Vibes
Lee Aaron | Radio On!
Lucas Aaron | Domino
Abdelli | Songs Of Exile
Acid Mammoth | Under Acid Hoof Reissue
Acid Tongue | Acid Tongue & Friends: EP1
Against The Current | Fever
The Age of Truth | Resolute
Akintoye | Centrepiece
Emby Alexander | Soars Era
Fatima Al Qadiri | Medieval Femme
Amazing Blizzard | Transmissions from Nowhere
Amanda | Nice
Anika | Change
Anne-Marie & Little Mix | Kiss My (Uh Oh)
Anne-Marie | Therapy
Antematterz | Split Second
Archangel A.D. | Casus Belli
X. Ari | Anja
Memo Arvayo, Acid Diamond | Maya Single
At The Gates | The Nightmare Of Being
Avelino | Ego Kills
Badison | Out Of Nowhere EP
Bambis | Too Tough for Trousers
Bambounou x Bruce | Finale Conference EP
Bardo | Everywhere Reminds Me of Space
Barely Alive | Computer Love
Maya Beiser | Maya Beiser x Philip Glass
Belcirque | La Grand Fête
Porsh Bet$ | I Used To Think Forever EP
Blackbear | Misery Lake
Black Horse | Hisashiburi 久しぶり
Sirius Blvck | Cinephile
Blamhaus | B-Haus010
Blectum From Blechdom | DeepBone
Yung Bleu | Moon Boy
The Blinders | The Lounge Lizard Sessions
Bluestaeb | Giseke
The Bluetones | Expecting To Fly Reissue
The Bluetones | Return To Last Chance Saloon Reissue
The Bluetones | Superior Quality Recordings
Cindy Bluray | No.SL33P
Born A Ghost | The Beginning To An Ending
Leon Bridges | Gold-Diggers Sound
The Brothers | March 10, 2020 / Madison Square Garden
Jackson Browne | Downhill From Everywhere
Tedi Brunetti | The Queen Of Pittsburgh
Bummer | Dead Horse
Molly Burch | Romantic Images
Dallas Burrow | Dallas Burrow
Camila Cabello | Don’t Go Yet
Cafuné | Running
Glen Campbell | Live From the Troubadour Reissue
Capstan | Separate
Caribombo | Running Away
Cavern Deep | Self Titled
Wiki Chaves | Hollywood / Pleasure Point
Clan Destine Click | Thee Alpha And Thee Omega Vol. VII
The Color Forty Nine | String Ladders
Carson Coma | Kék Hullám Kemping
Cop Kid | Cop Kid Greatest Hits Vol. 2
Chiiild | Hope For Sale
Childish Major | Thank You, God. For It All.
Coolin’ Cal | Bamboo Boy
Jack Cooper & Jeff Tobias | Tributaries
Henry Cornell | Henry Cornell EP
Crass | Christ Alive: The Rehearsal
Craven Idol | Forked Tongues
Crescent | Carving the Fires of Akhet
Dan Croll | On Top EP
David Crosby | For Free
Rodney Crowell | Triage
Crypt Monarch The Necronaut
Joel Culpepper | Sgt Culpepper
Daffy | Time Is Now White Vol . 6
Emily Daniels | Welcome to a Heartache EP
Darkside | Spiral
Cassie Dasilva | Enough EP
Dave | We’re All Alone In This Together
Dead Nature | Watch Me Break Apart
Dear Mr. Time | Grandfather: The Dear Mr. Time Anthology Reissue
Erika de Casier | Sensational
Descendents | 9th & Walnut
L Devine | Near Life Experience Part One
Gregory Dillon | Dark Magic Remix EP
DPR Live | Iite Cool
Dream Theater | Lost Not Forgotten Archives: A Dramatic Tour of Events — Select Board Mixes
Drinking Boys and Girls Choir | Marriage License
Drinks On Me | Rise & Fall
Dusted | Dusted III
Dzang | Glacial Erratic EP
East Forest | Possible
Ebhoni | Good Dick & Weed
Ekoh | D3TOUR
Epoch of Chirality | Nucleosynthesis
Eradicator | Influence Denied
Erdve | Savigaila
Exil | Warning
Fate’s Hand | Fate’s Hand
Feels | Subversive Reaction
Beatriz Ferreyra | Canto+
Fetid Zombie | Transmutations
Fiction Fake | Southeast Tragedy
Alan Finan | The Dwelling EP
Lannie Flowers | Home
Pablo Andres Fort | Caminando Entre Su Aceite
Pablo Andres Fort | Otra Vez
Fredo | Independence Day
Fulci | Exhumed Information
Est Gee | Bigger Than Life Or Death
Sam Gendel & Sam Wilkes | Music For Saxofone & Bass Guitar: More Songs
Ghorot | Loss Of Light
Godslave | Positive Aggressive
Golden Cinema | Reels (2016-2021)
Grieving | Songs for the Weary
Erik Griswold | Wolf Moon
Hachback & Ocean Moon | Journey in Onarimon
PJ Harvey & John Parish | A Man A Woman Walked By Vinyl Reissue
Graham Haynes vs Submerged | Echolocation
Griz | Rainbow Brain
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound | Keeping On
Heavy Water | Brick City
Hed (P.E.) | Sandmine EP
Bernard Herrmann | The Film Scores of Bernard Herrmann Reissue
Hexenklad | Heathenheart
The Hillbilly Moon Explosion | Introducing The Hillbilly Moon Explosion
Hiraes | Solitary
Celia Hollander | Timekeeper
Hookers & Blow | Hookers & Blow
Brittany Howard | Jaime Reimagined
Hypnosia | Extreme Hatred
The Illusions | City Of People / Wait Till The Summer
Incinerate | Back to Reality
Indigo | Part I
Information_Age | Information_Age
Christone “Kingfish” Ingram | 662
Fadhilee Itulya | Shindu CI
Jalang | Santau
Joshua James | Ten Thousand Hours
Jazzparty | Nobody Gets Away
Percy Jones, Alex Skolnick, Kenny Grohowski, Tim Motzer | Pakt
The Jungle Giants | Love Signs
Jxst J | How To Pronounce Jxst J
Jyroscope & Montana Macks | Happy Medium EP
Karloff | The Appearing
Cahill Kelly | Classical and Cool Jazz
Khalid | New Normal
The Kid Laroi | F*ck Love 3
Kilbourne | Seismic
Adamn Killa | Mars
Killstation | XXII
King & Prince | Re:Sense
KJ | saturnalia
Krossfyre | Rites of Extermination
Langan, Frost & Wane | Langan Frost Wane
Lawrence | Hotel TV
Ledisi | Ledisi Sings Nina
Left Field Messiah | In Praise of Bombast
Jackie Leven | Straight Outta Caledonia… The Songs of Jackie Leven
Lightning Love | November Birthday (Remastered)
Lil Moe 6Blocka & Rooga | Scrappers Mixtape
Lissie | Watch Over Me (Early Works 2002-2009)
Locked Groove | Cosmic Transition EP
Lolaa | La Marea
Lord Pusswhip | Lord Pusswhip Is Rich
Lore City | Participation Mystique
Lotus Eater | Where The Body Goes
Lunar Funeral | Road to Siberia
Lykhaeon | Opprobrium
Madchild | Shane
Madness | Absolutely Reissue
Andy Magruder | Andy Magruder EP
Yngwie Malmsteen | Parabellum
Mama Doom | Ash Bone Skin N Stone
Mane | Leo // Lib // Bull
Mange Makers | R3UNION
DJ Manny | Signals In My Head
Manwolves | Sleeping In
Michael Marcus, Joe McPhee, Jay Rosen, Warren Smith | Blue Reality Quartet
Alexis Marshall | House of Lull House of When
Bardo Martinez | Everywhere Reminds Me of Space
Master Nate & The Reprobates | The Dawn
Paul McCartney | McCartney III Imagined Vinyl
John McLaughlin | Liberation Time
Joe McPhee, Michael Marcus, Jay Rosen, Warren Smith | Blue Reality Quartet!
John McTigue III | It’s About Time
Mega Bog | Life, and Another
Clay Melton | Back To Blue EP
Merpire | Simulation Ride
Mike. | the highs.
Mindy | Version 1.27 EP
Mr Big | Lean Into It 30th Anniversary Edition
Monkey Mind | Breakdown
Delilah Montagu | BABY
Montezuma’s Revenge | S.W.I.M.
Mordred | Dark Parade
Morrissey | Bona Drag 1921 Centenary Edition
Mudhoney | Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Namasenda | Demonic
Deb Never | Where Have All The Flowers Gone
Nickodemus | Endangered Species (Re – Issue & 1st Pressing)
Njomza | LIMBO
Noise Unit | Deviator
Nørbak | Flor do Fatalismo
No Safety | Live At The Knitting Factory
No Safety | Live In Italy 1994
No Safety | Spill Reissue
Nother | Future Is Bright
Nothing But Thieves | Moral Panic II EP
Novaa | She’s A Rose
Frédéric D. Oberland | Même soleil
Oh Baby | Hey GeniusOld Crow Medicine Show | Carry Me Back Vinyl Reissue
Old Crow Medicine Show | Remedy Vinyl Reissue
Tara Jane O’Neil | Dispatches from the Drift
Ora the Molecule | Human Safari
Orphx | Primordial State (Live Archives 1994-1995)
Pale Lips / The Sorels | Do The Rumbar Rumble Split Album
Geoff Palmer | Charts & Graphs
Andy Partridge | My Failed Songwriting Career Vol. 1
The Peppermint Kicks | The Peppermint Kicks
Peyton | PSA
Phoenix Rizing | Acta Est Fabula
Piroshka | Love Drips & Gathers
Pistols At Dawn | Nocturnal Youth EP
Planet Of The Dead | Pilgrims
Plant My Bones | Stage 1.0
Platen | Of Poetry And Silent Mastery
Polish Club | Now We’re Cookin’
Pony Hunt | Var!
Dominique Pruitt | Prayers For Rain EP
Richard Pryor | Live At The Comedy Store, 1973
Psychomancy | Divine Archetype
Quadry | They Think We Ghetto
Joshua Radin | The Ghost and the Wall
Ransom & Big Ghost Ltd. | Heavy Is the Head
Red Giant Project | Choices Of A Few (ft. Tre Aces) Single
R.E.M. | Radio Free Europe (Original Hib-Tone Single)
R.E.M. | Cassette Set (1981 demo tape)
Reversels | LaSabre
Alasdair Roberts Og Völvur | The Old Fabled River
Hank Roberts Sextet | Science of Love
Kris Rodgers and the Dirty Gems | Still Dirty
Rome Streetz & Futurewave | Razor’s Edge
Rowan | Everybody Talks EP
Justin Rutledge | Islands
Shiny Joe Ryan | Shiny’s Democracy
Samia | Scout EP
JC Sanford | Imminent Standards Trio, Vol. 1
School Drugs | Visitation
Vân Scott | Almost Gone
SCW | Black Encyclopedia of the Air
Secret Of Elements | Cassini
Les Sewing Sisters | Les Sewing Sisters
Shane & Shane | Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs, Vol. 1
Shota Shimizu | HOPE
Matthew Shipp / Whit Dickey | Reels
Sleep Walker | Alias
Slow Green Thing | Amygdala
Slowly Rolling Camera | Where the Streets Lead
Smaller Hearts | Attention
Snazzback | In The Place
Social Club Misfits | Feared by Hell (Reanimation)
Spice Girls | Wannabe25 25th anniversary Vinyl Reissue
Stone Temple Pilots | Tiny Music… Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop 25th Anniversary Edition
Sun Ra | Lanquidity Definitive Edition
The Super Flyers | Here, We Live
Sweeps | Epoch
Tantric | The Sum Of All Things
The Tape Recorders | Wire
Taphari | Blind Obedience
Teamonade | Borderline
Emma-Jean Thackray | Yellow
Lea Thomas | Mirrors To The Sun
Phil Thompson | Lion of Judah
Tony Touch | Sacude
Greg Townson | Off and Running
Tribl & Maverick City Music | Tribl I
Gavin Turek | Madame Gold
Joe Turner | Reflections EP
2Pac | Until The End Of Time Vinyl Reissue
Uffe | Words and Endings
Carrie Underwood | My Savior: Live From the Ryman
Upper Wilds | Venus
Vaines | Electric Blue
Various Artists | Bills & Aches & Blues (Physical Release)
Various Artists | Chinabot: Tetra Hysteria Manifesto
Various Artists | Folk Music Of China Vol. 15
Various Artists | Island Records: The Vinyl Series Vol. 2
Various Artists | Life’s Better With Disco
Various Artists | Now That’s What I Call Music! 109
Various Artists | The Vinyl Series Volume Two
Vazesh | The Sacred Key
Vernon | For an End To Come
Yael Wand | Saltwater Heartwood
WaxWorm | Mea Kulpa
Libby Weitnauer | Sixteen Kings’ Daughters EP
Wiley | Anti-Systemic
Leslie Winer | When I Hit You-You’ll Feel It Digital Release
Wings of Destiny | Memento Mori
Woods | Strange To Explain More Strange Deluxe Edition
Yellow Shoots | The Green Album
Yes / And | Yes / And
Thalia Zedek | Been Here & Gone 20th Anniversary Reissue
Zion80 | Warriors RMX