Brooke Burgess Shows Off His Dadbod With Best Friend

The Canadian entertainment veteran celebrates fatherhood with his new project.


Brooke Burgess introduces you to his Dadbod with the help of his son and Best Friend Raimi on his new double-sided single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

After 25 years in the entertainment industry writing, directing, and producing video games, animations, interactive narratives, and audio projects (see: Electronic Arts, Broken Saints, The Cat’s Maw and Buddha and the S**t — plus a win at the Sundance Film Festival), Burgess’s latest project is more than just a mid-life singer-songwriter flex. It’s the story of a son, the man who was transformed by his love, and the kind of bond that comes around once in a lifetime.

“Oh, and dinosaurs,” Burgess adds. “My super-Buddha schools me spiritually, but he’s also part dinosaur. T-Rex, we think. Hence one of the tracks.”

Beyond being a labour of fatherly love, Dadbod was also a product of unexpected circumstances. While stuck in southeast Asia during the peak of the pandemic, Burgess wrote, produced, shot, edited, recorded, and mixed most of this epic, endearing ode. Burgess calls Dadbod “1980s swaggering synth-pop chewing on bubblegum punk; it’s bangin’ 1990s hip-hop meets an East Coast kitchen party and it’s grunge homage, where the flannels are lined with R&B silk.”

A fun and funky summer anthem, Best Friend features thick beats, heartfelt crooning and a brass-and-Hammond hip-hop climax “that’ll stir any soul in earshot.” The punk-rock-chic title track is almost a confession about family life and what happens to a father’s body when it transforms over the years. “It killed two bucket-list birds with one stone,” Burgess shares. “One, make an epic cross-genre music and video project. And, far more importantly, two, become a Dad — underlined, and with a capital D.”

Watch the Best Friend video and listen to the song Dadbod above, check out the whole album below, and become second-best friends with Brooke Burgess on his website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.