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Albums Of The Week: The Lords Of Altamont | Tune In, Turn On, Electrify!

The Southern California vets fuse garage-punk & psychedelia on their seventh set.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “This seventh chapter of the Lords of Altamont’s body of work strikes with an unapologetic conviction built up from 22 years of soul seasoning and non-stop rock action, fine-tuning their iconic, fuel-injected sound.

Recorded during a worldwide pandemic with members across the globe, this album is not only an experiment in creativity but also a testament to the Lords’ brotherhood, showcasing their dedication to the old ways and paying homage to their sonic forefathers.

Tune In, Turn On, Electrify! takes a ride through the mental landscape of these four musicians, thrusting raw, aggressive garage-punk in your face, then flipping the script and inviting you on elaborate psychedelic trips. Get kicked in the teeth with We’ll Never Leave (This World Alive), fight the demons in your head with Mud, then come down easy with Soul In Flames.

The story of the band who would come to be known as The Lords of Altamont gets a proper start in late 1999. A son of Southern California and a veteran of the SoCal music scene, Jake Cavaliere — with numerous bands and projects from garage to punk dating back to the late ’80s under his belt — enlisted fellow motorcycle rider and bandmate of the instro/surf sensation The Bomboras,  Johnny Devilla, to form something new. Max Eidson, Doran Shelley and Gabriel Hammond rounded out the original lineup known as The First Five. Besides holding their first show at the legendary venue The Garage in Hollywood, high points include touring as the support act for their primitive rock ’n’ roll idols The Cramps, infamous rock gods The Who as well as counting the late Michael Davis of The MC5 as a past member.”