Josie Bello Hopes You Had A Happy Independence Day Despite Everything

The American singer-songwriter serves up a satirical ode to her homeland's holiday.

Josie Bello grills up a tongue-in-cheek takedown of her homeland on her topical new single Happy Independence Day — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“The lyrics take a humorous jab at how Americans are celebrating their independence while beholden — yet indifferent — to the economic and social inequities of our time, including political corruption, food insecurity, under-employment and disparity in truth-telling by cable news commentators,” the New York singer-songwriter says.

With bright country swing from her Kit House Band and lyrics tinged with dark, ironic humour, Bello paints the holiday with red, white and Americana blues all over. While enthusiastically wishing everyone a Happy Independence Day, she takes aim what has become the hallmark of American summer celebrations, BBQ and beer drinking, by pointing out the side dish of blind indifference that can go along with them.

Happy Independence Day is the second holiday-themed single the Long Island musician has released in the past six months, following up her Christmas 2020 release Come Home. Both are creative postscripts to Bello’s second solo album, 2020’s Have Purpose Live Long.

Happy Independence Day also marks the first time Bello has recorded with members of her live band. In addition to her husband Frank Bello on bass guitar, she’s joined by Shawn Cullinane on acoustic guitar and vocals, Mike Nugent on electric guitar and Shawn Murray on drums. Nugent plays double duty as Bello’s producer at Huntington, New York’s Melts in Your Ears Studio with Kevin Kelly of The Workshop East Studio engineering.

Check out Happy Independence Day above, hear more from Josie Bello below, and keep up with her on her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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