Taabu & Yviona Continue Their Long-Distance Relationship With Pigana

The Brampton producer & the Kenyan vocalist prove two heads really are better.


Taabu and Yviona get along famously in their new single and video Pigana — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The second advance cut from Toronto producer Spencer (Taabu) Heaslip’s imminent debut album Bellows, the pounding pop number features the confident vocals of Kenyan singer Yviona, who also wrote the lyrics. Translating to “fight” in Kiswahili — her native tongue — Pigana was inspired by “broken relationships caused by miscommunication. This is a tale of two lovers who struggle to make it work before contemplating pulling the plug,” she says.

After working together pre-pandemic, Taabu says he and Yviona “quickly established a mutual respect for each other’s ideas, perspectives, creative input and talent. Yviona was receptive to the energy I conveyed in the production and elaborated on that energy absolutely perfectly.”

Pigana is the second collaboration between the two, and succeeds their 2019 pop track Summer. Despite being more than 12,000 kilometres apart — Yviona in her hometown of Nairobi, and Taabu in Brampton — the multi-talented producer says their “oversea synergy” made the process of working together “seamless, diverse, and exciting.”

Of course, diversity also happens to be both Taabu’s forte. With an obsession around versatility that flourished from basement metal recordings into electronic/dance, pop, hip hop, and reggae-influenced production at the mere age of 18, his fascination with the integrity, clarity, and depth of all music expanded as he explored the world of sound design. Now, Taabu has worked with some of the biggest names in the game — including Snotty Nose Rez Kids, Omega Mighty, The Sorority, Rochester, Lex Leosis, Marcio Novelli, Raz and more.

Watch Pigana above, hear more from Taabu below, find out more on his website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, and keep tabs on Vyiona via Facebook and Instagram.