Wednesday Mixtape (Side 6) | 91 Songs To Amuse, Amaze & Astound You


Maybe it’s the heat. Maybe it’s the humidity. Maybe it’s the holiday. Or maybe it’s something else that starts with H. All I know is that’s it’s been a sleepy day here at Tinnitist HQ. If your get-up and go also feels like it got up and went, these new videos, songs, covers and remixes should put some pep back in your step. As usual, there are at least a few dozen you won’t see anywhere else. Hey, I may be sleepy, but I go the extra mile for you. On with it:



83-85 | The Colorist Orchestra & Howe Gelb | The Black Box + Counting On + More Exes

86 | Archie The Goldfish | On A Summer’s Day

87 | Caroline Shaw & Sō Percussion | To the Sky

88 | Avawaves | Lucid Dreaming


89 | David Toop, Akio Suzuki, Lawrence English | The Quietening Of Rocks

90 | Lawrence English | The Jungle

91 | Braille Face & Happy Axe | Open Sky (Live at Meat Market, 17th June 2020)