Siobamm Rolls The Bones

The Toronto roller derby queen picks up the guitar for her new EP Gloom Patrol.


Siobamm trades roller derby for rock ’n’ roll on her new single and video Bones — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The indie songstress is no stranger to the recording studio, having been introduced to music through her family’s band Madd Paddy. As Siobamm remembers, she first stepped into the recording booth at the age of 10, and spent her formative years in Irish bars watching her talented kin perform.

Now, she’s utilized her know-how and the creative genes passed down to her to create, design and devise a home studio she can call her own. From derby girl to songwriter, and producer, Siobamm can safely say she has joined the family business.

When the pandemic caused a global shutdown, it became obvious to Siobamm that a return to roller derby was unlikely in any near future. Inspired by the space and time she was afforded under lockdown, she took to learning music production, honed in on her previous experience performing in bands and went back to her song writing roots. “I’m proud of myself and what I created in a year,” she says. “I’m excited to keep learning and growing in all aspects of music.”

On her recent debut EP Gloom Patrol, Siobamm’s efforts as both the writer and the producer provide a complete insight to her as an artist, and what she was willing to put forward for her debut record. With dreamy, lo-fi guitar fuzz, grungy melodic harmonies, clever lyrics and smart visuals, Siobamm has carefully curated the album from the opening riff to the videos. Imagine Fiona Apple spooning with Mazzy Starr, singing an Elle King lullaby.

“There are not a lot of women in music production,” Siobamm says, emphasizing: “I want to show girls that learning the technical stuff isn’t hard, and is really interesting and fun.”

With quarantine in mind, Gloom Patrol offers a gothic anthem for the misfits dealing with the misfortunes of a world lost and tucked away. Each track reminds the listener there is someone else on the other side of this tin can — just like you. Like me. Like Siobamm, who eagerly understands the peril of human existence in a time where everyone was locked down and forced to keep themselves company. It’s a love letter to all of us, penned by a gal who took the time she was given to write something we could all relate to; chopped up into blended pieces that make the package perfect for the palate.

Watch Bones above, listen to Gloom Patrol below, and roll with Siobamm on her website, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.