Djakarta Catch Your Eye With Looking For Attention

The sibling duo offer an animated, lighthearted ode to romantic game-playing.

Djakarta have fun with romantic games in their lighthearted single and animated video Looking For Attention — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Driven by an offbeat folk guitar and flirty come-hither lyrics sung from an alternating male-female point of view, their track — which features Hawaiian singer Keilimei — is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to singlehood and the false sense of freedom and fear of commitment that come with endless one-night-stands. The accompanying video (written by Djakarta, directed by KickSama and Rusalka) builds on the song’s theme by playfully blending the worlds of dating apps and old-school arcade game culture.

Djakarta is the music project of singer-songwriters Raphaël and Tristan Stuart. The multi-instrumentalist brothers craft intimate pop songs, seamlessly blending acoustic and electronic textures inside their studio in Paris. Equally inspired by wide-open spaces and cityscapes, the duo is set to release their second EP Overseas in October. With dreamy musings on lives spent between two continents (they are French-born Australians) set against melancholy, sun-drenched folk pop arrangements, be ready to embark on a physical and spiritual journey.

Photo by Morgan Eloy.


Overseas will feature five original tracks and will be released on the brothers’ very own record label. According to the duo, the project is intended to “evoke the endless ocean between two continents” while also relating to the “dualistic nature” of their music and songwriting.

This “dualistic” nature also refers back to their band name. Yes, it was named after the city of Jakarta — a location they respectively hold dear to their hearts — but why exactly did the Stuart siblings put the letter ‘D’ in front of it? Well, according to the self-described “adventurers,” they used a ‘D’, because it could stand for many things, including: “duality,” “Duo,” or “double citizenship,” as they have spent their lives living between the world’s most romantic city, Paris, and their father’s own homeland down under: Melbourne, Australia.

Watch Looking For Attention above, hear more from Djakarta below, and play along at their website, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Photo by Morgan Eloy.
Photo by Morgan Eloy.