Joseph Brooks Organ Promises to Make Sure You Know

The Canadian singer-songwriter shares a sweetly sincere ode to lost love.


Joseph Brooks Organ keeps you in the loop with his sweetly sincere single and homespun video Make Sure You Know — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A simply sophisticated ode of honesty from his latest release Lovelorn, Make Sure You Know finds the Toronto singer-songwriter acknowledging that “love can sometimes slip away,” despite not understanding why. But armed with this awareness, he promises his lover that she will be the first one to be made aware so they can walk away peacefully and without anger, resentment, or hurt.

Organ finds magic in delivering a song so rich in beautiful, seemingly happy melodies, but yet, so alarmingly sad in its sorrowful lyrics. This fair-weather approach to the reality of potential heartbreak is equally blunt as it is subtle in its hope that circumventing hurt is at all possible. The acoustic track includes a whistled bridge that ties the entire track together. It offers a semblance of acceptance — our narrator willfully, if not dutifully reminds us that there is a darker side of love we all prefer to ignore, but he refuses. And he’s going to accept the risk of falling out of love with grace and dignity.

Lovelorn, his sophomore album, is a long-overdue followup to the London-born artist’s debut EP Tape from 2013. As he explains, “[This album was] recorded by nine different musicians all in their own apartments due to self-isolation protocol. Lovelorn is a product of the pandemic, and a testament to the will to go on creating whatever the impediments to that process may be.”

A collection of love songs, chronicling the protagonist’s struggles, triumphs, steadiness and readiness, Lovelorn qualifies the notion of love and why it’s worth falling into at all. “The album has a narrative arc which describes the loss of love in its many stages,” explains Organ. “The title track Lovelorn depicts the subject now completely removed from love, watching other couples feel it, but unable to access the feeling himself.

Lovelorn is a journey through the lens of a lover’s emotional highs, and desperate lows. His fears, and his losses. Candidly sung truths that pepper the story with authenticity and ability to connect with listeners. Through experience and emotion, Organ makes sure to know how to reach into the depth of your soul and display it endearingly through song. Watch Make Sure You Know above, listen to Lovelorn below, and make sure you visit Joseph Brooks Organ’s website, Facebook and Instagram.