Tuesday Mixtape (Side 1) | 71 Songs The Music Gods Want You To Hear

Black Royal, Infamous Stiffs, Slow Down Molasses, Wallflowers and more treats.

When the universe tries to tell me something, I try to listen. Case in point: Today, after a few days of slacking off around here, I intended to start getting my act together. As part of that, I totally planned to put together an informative roundup with carefully edited press release. Then I looked at the 200-plus emails that arrived today and realized that the music gods clearly didn’t want me to do that. They wanted me to deliver another massive, fat-free mixtape of great new tunes straight to your ears. And who am I to argue? Especially when the offerings are as good as these:


1 | Black Royal | Seance

2 | Infamous Stiffs | Get It Straight


3 | Slow Down Molasses | Son of Titanic

4 | The Wallflowers | Who’s That Man Walking ‘Round My Garden

5 | Hayley and the Crushers | Cul-de-Sac

6 | Modern Woman | Offerings

7 | Josienne Clarke | Sit Out

8 | Island | Young Days

9 | The Blips | Inside Out

10 | Spaceface | Happens All The Time

11 | Hiatus Kaiyote | Chivalry Is Not Dead

12 | Odd Circus | Arch Nova

13 | Ester Poly | Respect My Speck

14 | Sunk Heaven | Fortitude

15 | Ropes Of Night | Another Closing Door