Sonic Reducers | Waters & Gilmour’s Carnival Of Animals

We all know Animals is the only Floyd album without a box set. Now we know why.


As every Pink Floyd fan already knows, their 1977 album Animals is the only major title in their catalogue that has not been reissued in a gigantic box stuffed with outtakes, live recordings, 5.1 audio mixes, multiple booklets and memorabilia. But now we know why — according to Roger Waters, anyway.

Floyd’s erstwhile bassist and leader said earlier this week that new remixed audio of the album is ready to go, but has been held up because guitarist (and longtime frenemy) David Gilmour supposedly refuses to approve the liner notes, which presumably paint Waters in a better light than his former bandmate would like. It’s just the latest salvo in the decades-long battle between these two alpha-male rockers. But world-class publicist Eric Alper and I don’t need decades to deal with it in our latest Sonic Reducers episode. We just need five minutes or so. Join us as we share our love of Animals, voice our sympathies for Nick Mason, ponder why journalists can’t resist asking the obvious question, and explain why Roger promised to send me “a sweetie.” Sonic Reducers. One topic. Two music nerds. Five minutes. Everything you need to know.