Kyra And Tully | Monarch Butterfly: Exclusive Video Premiere

The Kingston folk duo spin a tender tale of yearning from their recent album Time.


Kyra And Tully find love to be as delicate and elusive as a Monarch Butterfly in their gorgeous new single and video — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The latest release from the Kingston folk duo’s recent fifth album Time, the homespun piano ballad flits and floats along with all the natural grace and uneven beauty of its namesake, as M.P. Tully spins a tender tale of romantic yearning sweetened by Kyra Walker’s angelically soaring harmonies and melancholy strings.

Released in November, Time is a collection of original songs that span more than two decades — from before the pair had met to songs written recently. They are tunes filled with heartfelt voices and plenty of harmonies woven in orchestral instrumentation. The lyrics, which explore everything from the joys and challenges of parenting to the delights of nature, also acknowledge a shared humanity.

Time was recorded at Leopard Frog Studio in Battersea, Ont., by co-producer, engineer and musician Chris Coleman, who also did some of the mixing at his studio in Iqaluit. From May to November 2019, Kyra and Tully and their stellar musical friends continued to add to the album, working on it slowly between stays in a cabin nestled in the woods of a 100-acre bio dynamic farm, trips to a remote beach, and travels in and around Europe.

A transformative musical journey, Time is inspired by the changing weather of the seasons and in our own selves, exploring inner and outer landscapes. It is at once self-reflective and observing of the wider world. With this album, both Kyra and Tully seek to share the gift of their music and its presents all through Time.

Watch Monarch Butterfly above, listen to Time below, and share your love for Kyra and Tully on their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.