Ravenscode Bring The Heat With Fire

The Windsor modern rockers burn to shine in their fiercely defiant new single.


Ravenscode are out to scorch your speakers with their defiant modern-rock track Fire — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

With the latest track from their recent album Fire and Storm, the Windsor band set off an inferno from the opening note: Heavy guitars, pulsating percussion, pounding bass and an explosion of melodic vocals draw the listener is drawn into a fury of emotion and intensity.

“That main riff you hear at the start of a song that hits you like a punch to the face was written by Justin (aka Journey) one night before bed,” the band explain. “He knew right away that it was something special and recognized the full throttle emotion that seemed to come with it. This feeling brought out one word: Fire.”

The song also serves as a flash-forward into the future of Ravenscode as songwriters and musicians — a testament to their grueling touring, and dedication to honing their craft on stages across Canada. Having run that gauntlet, Ravenscode are more confident than ever in their ability to unite crowds with their signature melodic hard rock sound. Let Fire be a warning that these guys take no prisoners, pull no punches, and mean business.

Check out Fire above, listen to Fire & Storm below, and keep up with Ravenscode on their website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.