Cameron & Crawford Think Of You Sometimes In September

The Saskatoon singer-songwriters make peace with the past in their latest track.


Cameron & Crawford remember the one who got away in their romantic and nostalgic new single and video Sometimes In September — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“This is just another sad September song,” the Saskatoon sisters sing, introducing their ode to looking back at lost love and making peace with the past. “Sometimes in September, I don’t push these thoughts away / About choices I made in life and the price I had to pay.”

Although the personal lyrics are the centerpiece of the song, the actual inspiration began elsewhere, they say. “Our songwriting process usually starts with a chord progression that we respond to emotionally — one that conjures a feeling, an image, a sense of ‘something there’,” explains Trish Cameron. “Sometimes In September started with just such a progression: GMaj7 – A – F#m7 – Bm7.”

The chords played in her mind during many long fall walks — and hours on her guitar, as she felt her way into what the song wanted to be about. The track is unwavering in its honesty, and authentic in speaking to the heartache so many of us have experienced. The message of love that’s been lost and accepting its finality is where these songwriters succeed in drawing in a listener; Sometimes In September captivates the human spirit by expressing feelings we have all experienced.

“Our friend and bass player Wayne Gustafson laid down a solid foundation for this ‘walk’ down memory lane,” the sisters reveal, speaking of the songwriting process. The first bass notes really launch the emotional journey of the song. It has been such a joy to take this song from its inception to a fully realized recording, and while I wrote the song,” Trish says. “Wendy helped shape it with her piano, her background vocals, her vision, and advice.” Crawford goes one step further, saying: “In fact, Trish says she probably would not have recorded Sometimes In September without my encouragement. It felt too personal.”

Both sisters agree that one of the best things about being sister singer-songwriters is that neither will let the other chicken out. “We keep encouraging each other’s growth and creative courage,” says Wendy. Sometimes In September is just one in a series of singles the duo are releasing throughout this year as lead up to their forthcoming full-length album. In the meantime, this is one for those who have ever struggled to let go of the old polaroids from a former flame; ever have felt a stab of regret and thoughts of ‘what if’ when remembering love past.

Check out Sometimes In September above, hear more from Cameron & Crawford below, and keep up with them on their website, Facebook and Instagram.